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450. Eternal Romance

God has created the world for eternal delight.  It is sought through eternal Romance.  Sri Aurobindo speaks of 4 major events in the history of earth of which HE mentions Krishna's life in Brindavan.  In His view it is the most glorious Hour in the life of earth, Romance, however intense or long, ends in marriage is the human experience.  Spirituality all over the world has demanded  celibacy.  Spirituality is considered as the antithesis of Romance.  The truth is spirituality is the opposite of social, family life, not Romance which is a play of one soul with another soul.  For those who seek domestic joy, a peaceful life of happiness, not Romance all life, I have written  an article of about 100 points and put it on the MSS site on the internet.

If  domestic joy can be called a Ph.D, Romance can be compared to that of a genius.  It is the general belief that Romance cannot be retained permanently.  But, it is a truth of human life that the human heart longs for Romance eternally.  Is it an unattainable idealism or is there a truth there?  Man seeks a woman for her physical charms.  Naturally it is transcient, as physicality has a short lived truth.  A pleasant vital holds endless charms at a distance, but close proximity undoes it in time.  Minds do not meet as it always takes the opposite view.  Marriages last because of social compulsion particularly because of children.  Romance vanishes into thin air.  The physical eyes see the beauty, the vital sensations enjoy the pleasant temperament both of which can be lost in time.  The Spirit sees no defects, as it has no defects of its own.  Any defect you see in the other is ONLY a reflection of your own defects of which you are unaware.

A young girl fell in love with a Buddha Bikshu who, of course, refused her advances.  She took to prostitution and her health broke down.  She was on the point of death.  She again met the Bikshu.  He took pity on her, laid her on his lap stroked her hair in deep compassion.  She said, "Had you done this earlier, I would not have come to this pass".  Mother says there is no crime unpardonable.  But to us there are crimes of which we cannot think or hear.  But, we forget the spiritual truth that without that crime in us in some small  subconscious measure, it won't come to us.  Couples separated for long often join and lead a happy life, occasionally a happier life than before.  For the spiritually awakened eye there is no defect either outside or inside.  Then life can be an eternal Romance.

story | by Dr. Radut