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Enjoyment in Life and Yoga



  • The Being exists in eight planes. Its Spirit expresses in twelve aspects. Each plane has its own existence known as form, energy, understanding, determinism, enjoyment, consciousness and existence.
  • All the twelve aspects can be explained in all the eight ways.
  • Such an explanation reveals the embodied being in ninety-six ways, thus expanding one's self perception.
  • The soul of man unconsciously enjoying its existence as an embodied being is human life.
  • The same soul, separating itself from the embodiment, exclusively seeking an intense enjoyment at its origin, almost selfishly, is moksha.
  • Integral yoga seeks the enjoyment of the psychic, the evolving soul, in all the parts of being, consciously raising its centre of existence from the ego to the Ishwara in the supramental plane.
  • Every act of the animal, the man, the gods, the Superconscient and the Unmanifest Absolute's existence can be explained as an act of enjoyment.
  • So too, it can be described as an act of existence or consciousness or every other thing - understanding, energy or form.
  • Such an exercise is like mind looking at the whole of existence from its own point of view. Mind can repeat such an exercise from each of its other faculties - memory, thinking, imagination, and so on.
  • Science is knowledge, systematized knowledge. Today it is a knowledge of objective facts. It must cover the facts of subjectivity too. In fact, what we call yoga, in its knowledge part, is really science.
  • One way of becoming fully scientific is to know existence in all its planes and in all its aspects.
  • In doing so, one expands the horizon of his mental comprehension.

story | by Dr. Radut