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Emerging New



  • To accomplish things in the given context without offending the values of the existing order is accomplishment par excellence.
  • The latest social revolutions were the Russian and Chinese. Indian Freedom had all the elements of a peaceful transfer of power, ironically marred by the violence of ahimsa.
  • All future revolutions will be truly non-violent as the inherent violence was worked out by the two world wars and the fiery physical upheaval of transformation of the consciousness and body of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
  • As the New emerges, the vested interests of the Old assert their cultural roots of sophisticated soft existence.
  • The facts of life are simple and plain.
  • For simple facts to acquire practical power that is exercised through the established order of cultured customs, the usage that served the old will be an effective bar.
  • The episode 'Key' in ‘Yes, Prime Minister' portrays it through the poetry of the plot. It is a triumph of the administrative usage emerging in the strength of Truth, through the assertion of authority by the plain speaking female insistence.
  • The key role is played by Bernard who faces the dual authority of the head of Civil Service and his own political master, who is the fountainhead of the power of Civil Service.
  • The dexterity of retreat that struggles for existence, scrambling into the room through the window raising all the security alarms, is matched by the saving grace of the political leadership granting the other his due in defeat. To match this portrayal in life and Mother will be an exquisite poem of transition.

story | by Dr. Radut