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Emerging Individual and the Collective Base



  • The march of civilisation can be explained as the individual and the collective acquiring greater practical knowledge.
  • That practical knowledge is either reached from below by the collective experience or from above by the corresponding theoretical wisdom.
  • The lines of growth are traced along,

1. Skill, capacity, and talent - individual as well as collective.

2. Physical, vital, mental, spiritual skills, attitudes, understandings and values.

3. Physical security, vital prosperity, mental knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

4. All these are summed up as a movement from unconsciousness to consciousness, individual as well as collective.

  • The Spiritual Individual will not emerge until the world is not one unit politically and economically.
  • That individual was born in Martin Luther whose  era blossomed as Protestantism, democracy and  spirit of scientific inquiry.
  • The individual production is planned and organised against an unplanned economy of freedom that submits itself to no organised effort.
  • To see the knowledge, organisation, and values of the individual against those of the collective will yield the various perspectives societies have had all these days.
  • As the scale can be traced in all dimensions with a skill that is consummate, it must be easily possible to trace it, at least along the dimensions mentioned earlier which can serve as a great tool.
  • The value of the scale lies in knowing the next step we ought to take. It will be evident as we witness in Russia today that, that next step requires two or three hundred years from the understanding of the past.
  • That knowledge becomes power and those few hundred years can be abridged in a few decades, maybe a few years.
  • The prosperity of the West is attributed to a cold climate, work ethic, individuality, democracy, technology and several other factors.
  • At the tether end, we see all these are summed up in speaking the truth, which is not difficult to imitate for those who wish to abridge a few hundred years.
  • Technology is the easiest to borrow, organisation comes next, values are the most difficult, but borrowed behaviour like punctuality, transparency in transaction, or coordination between sectors will enable these values to evolve in the nation that wishes to prosper.
  • When there is a valid theory that tells what is to be borrowed, it renders progress easier.
  • Particularly when we know how many decades have passed in recognising a certain value - like franchise or adult literacy - in any one nation and what social benefits they conferred on the population, these nations which do not have these now can imagine how much easier, with the modern development, it is to introduce them.
  • If the benefits that will accrue to the society by this step are calculated, the enthusiasm of the nation can be released.
  • To consider the problems of humanity in this light and to calculate what can be done, where, when and how, will be the most exciting project for those who have access to the required tools of calculation.
  • Defining the period of Upanishads as the birth of mind puts the history of mankind in the evolutionary perspective.
  • The psychic was born only in Krishnavatara.
  • Mind in the Individual emerged in Socrates.
  • Mind in the collective individual - the social being - was born in Shakespeare's period as depicted by Hamlet.
  • Mind reached its acme of potential in Newton.
  • The welfare state and unemployment dole are the harbingers of the collective accepting the social responsibility of the individual.
  • Democracy is the birth of the right of the individual.
  • The end of wars is the end of the era of physical domination.
  • End of the Cold War sounds the death knell of the ambition of ideologies to dominate the world.
  • Terrorism signifies the same with the religious bigotry.
  • Birth of global organisations started a century ago, which heralds global united action wherever possible.
  • Spread of adult literacy shows the recognition education receives.
  • Vocational education is available to 5% of India and to 95 % of Korea. This shows the world has recognised its value, but in Asia only non-democracies are able to implement it.
  • Its values are higher when democracies resort to it.
  • In a prosperous nation like USA, rising per capita income goes with declining crime which means poverty is at the bottom of all terrorism, violence and crime.
  • The rate of accidents being negligible in air traffic shows that the existing laws fully enforced will go a long way.
  • The above are stray facts. When they are espoused by a theory accompanied by tools of calculation of the past, projected into the future, there emerges a document for action along every desirable direction.
  • The Individual should emerge and the base of the collective must be peace, plenty, theory and a document meant for action.

story | by Dr. Radut