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  a.. Govt. should be the first to avail of new technology. At least it should not be the last.

  b.. E-governance ensures SPEED.

  c.. Speed is a movement of Time. All activities occur in the plane of Time. If the speed of the movement is increased, it affects all others. Hence progress is assured.

  d.. An American CEO made SPEED famous and speed made him famous too (GE's chairman)

  e.. Transparency rings the deathknell to corruption. Wherever there is transparencies there can be no corruption.

  f.. It gives a great sense of participation of the people in the power of the Govt.

  g.. During the days of the Britisher, the government was far off and aloof. Much of it remains still. E governance will lessen that.

  h.. The autocratic behaviour of officers just by the fact that people have no access to information will collapse wherever e governance emerges.

  i.. E-governance is the edge  that will destroy the old dark edifice of secrecy, autocracy, bureaucracy, injustice -- the myth of the government as an invincible Fort.

  j.. Government is a servant of the people. E governance like adult franchise will make the government a truer servant of the population.

  k.. It is good to start in however small measure a good thing. Anachronism will become less in the government.

  l.. Once the Internet is used somewhere, the people will come to love it and it will spread.

  m.. The government should take this occasion to give thought to the idea that government should be the first and not the last in using technology.

  n.. I take this occasion to voice an idea that government should compel at least its employees to insure their health.

  o.. When the plague or pox swept over countries, what was important was that even if a part of the population survived, it was enough. War sacrificed a hundred thousand people to save millions of people. Now the world has come to realise the value of every Individual. The government in extending its benefits took care that most got it. Time has come when it matters to the government even if ONE individual misses it. E-governance, thus is an instrument of the society to help the individual emerge.

story | by Dr. Radut