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Efficiency - Organisation - Integration


March 16, 2006

  • We act and accomplish.
  • An act occurs in time, moves in space, it originates in energy, moves in force, is formed in power, finished with skills, relates to other acts in all these things and therefore will have features, properties, qualities, forms, intensities etc. Of these things the headline chooses these aspects for description.
  • Efficiency is of the part, organization is of the ways in which the parts of the whole relate to each other; integration is the fact that each part is directly or indirectly related with all others without fail, in its constitution, existence and functioning. Efficiency is directly determined by the energy that goes into action. Efficiency is in proportion to the intensity of the energy of the part. It is determined by the tools and interest. The police is efficient because of its wireless, vehicles, records and their dedication to duty.
  • Organization: the parts, their functioning related to other parts in sequence or work significance to complete the work is organization. (To relate to every other part systematically to complete a work is organization. -- Parts permanently related to other parts or the whole to repeatedly reproduce a fixed result is organization. - System of relation of parts of a whole is organization). It is true organization raises the overall efficiency. Still both are different aspects.
  • Integration: through integration an organization matures into an organism. Each part in its existence and functioning is directly or indirectly related to every other part and to the whole. This interrelation is known to be integration.
  • A tool is efficient, a company is organized, human body is integrated.
    Efficiency is at the level of skills.
    Organisation is at the level of end results.
    Integration is at the level of life.

Some examples:

- Typing is efficient.

- Picnic is organized.

- The tsunami relief organization was integrated in execution.

- An individual is efficient.
A family can be organized.
A community can be integrated in its cultural existence.

- The US police is efficient in implementing traffic rules.
Airlines are efficiently organized in their bookings world over.
The nation was integrated in its war effort to cooperate with the army at the front.

- The US Space programme was an integrated effort of countless organizations.
Individuals are efficient.
Social sectors such as transport or communication are organized.
Indian culture has an integrated existence through its varied populations.
Efficiency and organization are necessary parts of integration.
An organization can include efficient or inefficient parts.
Note efficiency itself can be used to a wider collective and the unit of efficiency can be organized as well as integrated.

- Efficient manners, organized character, integrated personality.

- A population is efficient, a civilization is organized, a culture is integrated.

- Mental faculties are efficient, mind is organized, emotions are integrated.

- An individual work like painting can be efficient, a work of several parts such as a party can be organized while the life of a family can be integrated.

- Efficient sorting, organized crime, integrated life of the criminals with the conniving population.

- An efficient operation, organized inspection, a school whose life is integrated with the community around.

- Efficient concentration, organized consecration, integrated surrender.

- Our acts are efficient, work is organized, life is integrated.

- Efficient lying, organized falsehood, integrated inconscience.

- Efficiency needs high energy and skill, organization needs coordination, integration demands live relation of each part with the other and the whole.

story | by Dr. Radut