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DOT Com Companies


September 11, 2001


  • These companies have had meteoric expansion followed by a great crash.
  • Organisations grow, there is no set back in their growth on their own. It comes by infection.
  • Computers are a new invention. Just now there can be no set back for them at all. All that computers have are only continuous growth.
  • The crash of these companies arises out of external factors, all of which are removable. That done, DOT com companies will survive.
  • Those companies that survive will answer to that description.
  • Any company that wishes to avoid the fall, can eliminate these external false intrusions and can survive.
  • A greater Truth is all those external false steps will be a reflection of inner false attitudes.
  • Removing the inner falsehoods will give an everlasting security.
  • If a dot com company has been ruined, and comes forward to do these two items, before long it will be on its feet.
  • Someone willing to invoke Mother's Force will surely succeed.
  • His success will be limited to the inner Truth.
  • Inner Truth must reject the 30 items of Sri Aurobindo in the ‘The Mother'.
  • Before taking to a three day calling, if one examines himself on 1) the elimination of these 30 aspects and 2) eliminate in his company the external and internal falsehood, at the end of calling the company will become alive.
  • Or, he can do the calling and then see the response is determined by his Truth, and then restore the Truth so that he can again try the calling.
  • One can do so for his own survival.
  • He can from this experiment learn to serve other companies.
  • He can reverse the trend in the industry.
  • It is true for the industrial as well as national climate.

story | by Dr. Radut