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Delight God Seeks


The Absolute exercising his prerogative of self-determination has decided to seek one more expression of delight and for that purpose has created the universe. The third aspect of such an endeavour is the Bliss of Satchidananda which is static. The static Bliss rises in intensity to active delight in the second phase of creation which is evolution, when knowledge emerges out of ignorance

Paradise in our cosmology is situated in worlds lower than ananda, the world of bliss.  Paradise, Shivaloka, Goloka, Vaikunta are blissful states which the soul reaches after death when it crosses the planes of mind. The divine universality, the supreme infinity that the immortal soul of the Vedas attains denote the worlds of paradise. The bliss of these worlds is the bliss of freedom from earthly manifestation, not the original ananda.

The Absolute, the Brahman, seeks the ultimate joy possible in this creation which is higher than the original ananda in its intensity and fullness. That joy issues out of a state of self-absorption which is inconscient ignorance. Discovering His lost Self and emerging out of involved ignorance, the Absolute feels the delight of creation. Earthly life is that field. Evolution is that occasion. Man is the conscious instrument. Here I consider only that part where the soul emerges in life, not in the body or mind.

My theme is that the soul emerging in life makes the finite life into infinite life. That soul is a portion of the psychic, the vital psychic. Civilisation is a process where life emerges out of narrow fields of scarcity into wide fields of abundance and abundant comfort. Life has revealed its potentiality of opulence to man in the fields of civilisation, modernisation, urbanisation. Parallel to this but far higher in reach is the life of the soul when it removes all known constraints ushering in the fields of infinite resources. Society invited  primitive or backward men to enjoy her latest achievements directly without having to go through the stages since he comes to it only as a user, not as an inventor. Man readily responded to that call. God beckons man to another life of opulence also as a user. Rising aspiration will help him to avail of it.

Mother calls this a life of higher consciousness. It is a life where the defects of human life will be absent. It also gives man the positive fulfilment of human achievements. A successful, powerful, capable man can enjoy a life without failure, disappointments, sorrow, illness, confusion, depression, doubt, etc. The positive sides of these aspects are ever present success, endless satisfaction, joy, health, clarity, expansive enthusiasm, faith, and so on. Her invitation, as the invitation of the society, has two ends:  at the low end, man is a user and at the high end, he is the inventor, here sadhak.

Satchidananda is trying to express the objectless delight in objects by discovering the universal in the individual. Man, without trying to become universal, seeks the objects and secures pain instead of delight, even as man rushes for the external trappings without acquiring the inner content.

Before society created modern technology and through it several comforts, man, seeking those conveniences, was hampered. He had to be an inventor and a discoverer. Now it has come to stay in the society as a way of life which, when he qualifies as a user, can always be availed of by him. The earthly paradise I describe was not there in the earth's atmosphere before their advent; for a man who sought it, it would have been a theory. Even as a theory it was not there. After their advent, it was a theoretical reality. For those who had their personal help, it was a practical reality. Since 1956 this Consciousness is there on earth. It was organised in 1967 and manifested then. In 1969 that consciousness has taken a form. What happened after that we do not know. But we now know that prayers are more quickly answered and more fully. Also the answer has several new dimensions which could be there during their time only by their personal blessings. Now all that and more is there in the atmosphere. The deepest expression of that force I have seen is in the initiative of organised falsehood coming forward collectively to change to true behaviour in essential practice, by returning the money without compulsion.

If the force is there and, if you understand the explanation of earthly paradise and believe in it, what would happen when you avail of it?

The psychic of the vital would emerge and preside over our daily life.

What does this mean in practice?  The soul's knowledge would emerge in the mind as faith, the excess energy usual to gods would fill the body giving resplendent health, the vital charged with purified energy would dominate over the environment exuding cheer. Material prosperity, a minor term of this life, would offer itself as a willing instrument so that you can avail of it at the level of your choice. How do we avail of it? The answer is by giving up the various ways of attachment to the present way of life. The archer cannot meaningfully use the gun as long as he enjoys bending his bow. There is no real impediment to acquiring the higher life except a strong attachment to the present life, describe it in whichever words you choose.

An index to the full appreciation of this force is to see the world as a marvel. The poet sees the natural world as a wonder; greater poets describe human woes with a sense of wonder. To be able to see  poisonous creatures,  thorny bushes,  earthquakes or hurricanes and their results as marvels is the full appreciation of this force. The last stage is for the evolving soul of the yogi.

I limit myself to the wonders and marvels of the great potentials of joy in the human system and its perennial base of limitless material prosperity.

The very first step is to understand human success and practise it at the human level so that one can pass on to the higher life. Man's life oscillates between good and bad, success and failure. All able men achieve success in a great measure. The rare few achieve it through only good means. It  is not given to the humans to insulate their success from occasional touches of failure. All that they can aspire for is the capacity to get over failure when it reaches them. The same holds good for good and evil. Pure goodness is not given to human life.

Hygiene and sanitation in an affluent country wiped out minor diseases like headache, nausea, dysentery, fever, diarrhoea and the rest. Power cut which is common in India is uncommon in USA and Canada, but power cut is not a theoretical impossibility. This is the perfection of the lower life taken to its acme. It cannot have the perfection of the rising sun that rises everyday. Sun cannot and does not admit of a theoretical lapse in its rising and setting. When the soul emerges it makes such a change in our life with respect to success or goodness or sadness and so on.

                     Success                                                                Goodness

                        higher life_____________________________    higher life

                    human life                                                              human life

       Failure        -          Success                                         Evil       -       Good

He calls the good of higher life self-existent good, not the opposite of evil. Success is the native character of life above which does not admit failure even as an opposite. Human life grows in the finite field while higher life is of Infinity. Moving from human life - vital, prakriti, emotion - to the life of the soul - psychic life, soul life and so on, is moving from finite to the infinite.

In a shrinking market, the company that has moved from the finite to the infinite will find the market infinite, at least infinite to itself. Success and failure are for the lawyers and their clients, not for the judge. It is always victory for justice which the judge stands for. Government employees are of many levels at the top of which are the judges of the Supreme Court. The rewards and punishments of the ordinary employees will not extend to the judges of the Supreme Court, nor do they retire by any rule. They are above rewards and punishment. Their lives are a reward in itself.  These are the rare examples in life for the higher life of the soul Mother offers. In Her life all is good, success, joy; and all are Supreme Court Judges.

Facts do not permit argument, opinions do. Emerging into a soul life or life of the soul permits us to arrange the arguments only on facts. Having done so, there will be no scope of disputation. He has put His facts on the basis of logic and rationality. Logic is systematised thought, while reasoning is to draw conclusions from known premises. For the purposes of this article anything taken from Him can be taken as facts without our proving it again, and anything the long experience of history has confirmed repeatedly and which lends itself to being logical, can be accepted as facts.

Moksha or liberation is sought not only as a desirable goal but for the joy it offers. Jivatma, the individual soul, reaching the transcendental soul, begins to expand into infinity before the identification is complete or possible. The joy issues out of the finite individual soul expanding into the infinity of the divine. Expansion issues joy. What we speak of is a higher joy than this. To make the expansion greater, evolution has devised emergence, by first compressing knowledge into ignorance. Thus, not only the joy is greater but being integral it is fuller, moksha is unidimensional; emergence of knowledge is multidimensional and integral, and it is the emergence from the very opposite status making the expansion, emergence, and resulting joy the greatest possible in creation. Thus the vital psychic emerging into human life to preside over it is a greater act in evolution. Therefore, the joy is greater and the ensuing results are greatest; rather there cannot be a greater result in creation.

Moksha and the psychic in life can be given a parallel. Moksha is like a citizen going to the head of the state for an interview. Psychic in life is like the head coming down to see him and offering to serve his town. Moksha is like a worker becoming an engineer. Psychic in life is a company of all engineers.

The benefits conferred on us by any new invention are roughly equal to all the benefits so far available. An approximation of this idea can be seen in arithmetic progression as well as in a company that grows quickly. If you take an arithmetic progression and start in 1 using the multiplier as 2, it will be 1,  2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on. The sum total at any stage will be equal to the next number. At 64 the previous numbers total to 63. If you observe any company that has entered along the path of expansive progress, the sum total of sales in any year will be roughly equal to the sales next year. Growth is not linear or vertical. It expands as a V, an expansion whose single instalments are equal to the sum of the entire previous period.

The infinite  nature of the expansion can be seen in another feature. One single company in any field can produce all the national requirements of that product. It shows the infinite nature of the newly emerging productive capacity.

In plant life, the capacity to reproduce is seasonal. In animal life, the period is not confined to seasons of the year. The higher the species, the greater is the ability to reproduce.

Music has been known for long but previously, one could listen to music only when someone sang. Tape recorders have made the availability of music endless. One can exercise that capacity at will. Compare someone in 1896 and in 1996 with respect to his capacity to listen to the music of the masters.

Agricultural productivity is $8M in an acre in Israel. News, arms, travel and productivity have all expanded infinitely. Why should we hesitate to believe that joy will expand so? Not only expansion but in character it will be unmixed with sorrow.

He says happiness and fortune are what the lower vital seeks. God realisation is the only valid ideal for man.

Man has wiped out minor ailments by physical sanitation. Psychological hygiene and sanitation will remove depression, crime, ennui, mania, overweight, sorrow, failure and poverty. The enlightened individual, and the society at large must be able to see the truth here and come forward to act on that basis.

Concept of practical infinity

For the metaphysician, time and space are conceptual. For the yogi, time and space are as real as air and electricity. Infinity as a mathematical concept is known. Readers of His writings can fully benefit by them only when they acquire a practical concept of infinity which is practical infinity. As long as this concept remains a mental concept, His knowledge will remain concepts for us, will not become real.

Knowledge, subtlety, organisation, movement and changing to a higher plane increase the resources, their usefulness and their efficiency. Consider the facts:

  • Compare plane travel to the days when travel was only by walking.
  • The nomadic life that ushered men away from a source of food or water to other sources in comparison with the resourcefulness of land today.
  • Writing on parchments and palm leaves compared to book production.
  • A fruit can be used only once while a mirror can be continuously used.
  • A word or language once invented is used forever.
  • Human effort in excess that perished is preserved forever by money.
  • Education's capacity to increase mental efficiency.
  • Communication in the early days as compared to the 20th century.
  • The capacity of organisations and institutions to enlarge the finite value of things.

The growth of medical science, knowledge of astronomy, chemistry's ability to create resources, the power of money and banks all point to the possibility of practical infinity.

It is the mind that brought this about when man moved to it from the physical knowledge of things. Can we say that by moving to the soul in the vital, Infinity will become a practical reality?

All the resources that are scarce today can cease to be scarce when our centre of perception moves from the vital mind to the vital soul. Ford has created an infinite car market which means he employed a few tools. For each such conversion from the finite status to the infinite possibility there are similar tools. The tools themselves can do a bit, not all. Soul emerging, mind acquiring the knowledge, physical employing the right tools do succeed in converting a finite or even shrinking market into an ever-expanding infinite market. The history of the market after the war stands as testimony.

It is easy to see that when moving from one plane to the next higher plane, the finite results turn into infinite. As even within the physical plane moving from manual operation to mechanical operation, infinity results, it must be easier to see it in moving planes.

Enjoyment is Accomplishment  

Work accomplishes. Thought enhances accomplishment of work. Enjoyment releases energy and accomplishes. The enjoyment of accomplishment is further enhanced by thought.

The world itself is created by the Absolute for the accomplishment of enjoyment. Man's greatest accomplishment is by his enjoyment. Thought, spirit, Supermind and so on can further enhance the scope of accomplishment but the basic plane of accomplishment is the plane of enjoyment, the vital.

Mind cannot directly accomplish in the material world. Mind's direct accomplishment is thought. On the physical plane it accomplishes indirectly through thought. So also, the spirit, the psychic, the Supermind and everything above can accomplish in the physical plane, or for that matter in any plane, indirectly.

Psychic emerging in the vital enhances pleasure to delight. As enjoyment is an index to accomplishment, pleasure rising to delight raises the level of accomplishment. As delight is from the plane of infinity, accomplishment of results becomes infinite. The Absolute has conceived it as a process of evolution, as a process of knowledge emerging into its own true higher form from the involved status of ignorance. For practical human purposes, it turns out that

  • any act that sheds ignorance to become knowledge, and
  • any act that helps evolve the status of work is an act that issues delight and makes a finite work yield an infinite result.

Every act of learning and reorganising at a higher level is an act that expands the market. As assembly line was the tool for Ford to create an infinite market, our perennial instruments are constant learning and reorganising.

When the hundred odd activities in a company are taken and organised a shade better or according to the best knowledge we have, we see the process of knowledge emerging out of ignorance and certainly feel the delight of its emergence. It leads to a burst of activity on the floor. How about the market? It is outside. Our sales team is working on the market to release the same level of energy there. For any work establishment, this is enough to expand infinitely, in real terms, to ten-fold.

How does the psychic emerge in the work? The psychic is alive not only to persons but to objects, events and time and space. By our becoming more aware of people, materials, happenings, the passage of time, we exercise to bring the psychic out.

Watch the joy workers draw from expressing a skill, particularly a newly acquired skill. They will be beside themselves in doing so. Teach everyone in a company one more skill and it will be alive the next day.

That is a physical skill. Choose a worker or a supervisor who has recently learnt an interpersonal skill and is expressing it on the floor. His delight will be visible. Have you ever seen an engineer who acquired a bit of a new knowledge and is able to see it in work in the machines? For him there is no other world. His whole world is created afresh, alive and energetic. The knowledge we speak of is the knowledge of Life Divine. Learn how it works at different planes, in the plane of vital accomplishment. See through what instrumentation it works, whether it works through physical habit or vital temperament or mental opinion or the silence of the soul or through the equality of the psychic. Poise yourself in the knowledge of the Life Divine, let it pass through the psychic in the vital. And you will sense the delight He speaks of, the delight of creation, the delight He seeks, the delight that is higher than the static bliss of Ananda. That is what consecration accomplishes as a tool of yoga.

Knowledge physically available in any profession is only partly used. Trying to exhaust that knowledge leads to striking results. This is knowledge from the same plane! We move from the physical to Satchidananda. How can the results not be infinite? If infinite results do not issue, it only means we insist on the finite for finite's sake! Any single company producing all the national requirement of its product is the same theme. GM will be able to produce all the cars USA needs. We do not see these possibilities in this light. That is the value of knowledge.

Knowledge is power. We know that knowledge can lead to power. But we do not know that knowledge itself is power. Mental knowledge leads  to power. Supramental knowledge is power. The Supermind appears far off. Supermind acts in our life often; still we are capable of thinking that it is far off. It answers our prayer but we miss it. It acts when we do not know what to pray for - Gorbachev, Berlin Wall. It acts all the time, beckoning us to action. We do not act. It invites us to be aware of it, but we are indifferent. We insist on being unconscious. Man's life, even in the best instances, is an expression of complete folly because by His definition man acts from ignorance to emerge into knowledge. Only that the ignorance he is, is so fully absorbing, engaging, and occupying, that the delight is total.

As the assembly line was a tool for Ford, generation of self-restraint and humility is a tool for the devotee. That tool converts finite work into infinity.

On page 234 of The Life Divine, He says, ‘as we have found out the reality of spirit, mind, and life, we must discover the reality of matter'.  When I first noticed th9s sentence, maybe in the tenth reading, I wondered where He says it and I could not comprehend what He says. It is there in the book. We have tolook for it patiently. On page 235, He again describes how descending through Supermind, consciousness becomes mind, and descending through Supermind, the force of consciousness becomes life. Again by mind involving in life, becoming subconscient, and increasing that evolution, matter is created. Even when we understand, it is abstract as time is abstract for the metaphysician. In the ascent, how matter is formed and what the complete process is, is there on pages 313 and 314. Mind, He says, sees only the possibility and result but not the process. Supermind sees the entire process. Seeing another man's point of view is to slightly acquire a shade of that supramental vision. To know the customer's point of view and rise to that occasion is one power which expanded trade in the West. In India the customer is treated high-handedly. Money-back guarantee and customer satisfaction are powerful forces because it sees the other man's point of view and lets in the supramental view a little. We now have the book. It offers the knowledge of the creation of mind, soul and matter in the descent. Knowing the creation and its whole process in the descent and ascent, we have a rare power in our hands.

This may be abstract and the power too abstract. In my analysis of a nation and company, it is possible to see them more clearly. When the analogies can be extended to family and the individual, it is difficult to say it is abstract. One who knows the process of creation, of the opinions of everyone with whom he negotiates and deals with, and the opinion itself, does have a power. It is to know the thinking of everyone you meet for work! With that power, few people can fail. The analogies when studied in detail and applying the knowledge the Book gives, gives us the precise knowledge of what everyone thinks in every situation!

Analogy for the process of creation

Society (Absolute)


Parliament (Being)   -  Ruling Party (Consciousness)     -      Statutory bodies (Ananda)

                                     Cabinet (Conscious-Force)            Supreme Court, Reserve

                                                                                           Bank, Election Commissioner


Upper hemisphere

                                                         National Consciousness (Supermind)


          Good of the nation        -           Administrative policies

(Timeless eternity)                     (Time eternity)  

Golden Lid



Lower Hemisphere

Public opinion at the national level (Mind)


Local (village) leadership   (Life)


The masses of population   (Matter)

As long as public opinion reflects national consciousness and the local leadership goes by it, the nation will be a wonder. What really happens is that the public opinion (mind) separates itself from national consciousness (Supermind). Life becomes selfish, the local leadership is corrupt, the masses become inert. Instead of bringing the enlightened public opinion derived from national consciousness, the local leadership tries to cater to the masses and the public opinion reflects it generating a conflict with national consciousness. The only remedy is that the public opinion must restore its relationship with national consciousness. Taking individual schemes and analysing them in the light of this process, the process will be clear. One - we - who also believe that corruption is a source of income, cannot benefit by this analysis. If he wants to counter corruption, this analogy will tell him that power lies in his not approving of it.

Analogy of a Company

 Society (Absolute)

Company (Being)   -            Board (Consciousness)          -  Regulations (Ananda)

                                                               CEO (Conscious-Force)        

Upper hemisphere


Commercial Consciousness (Supermind)

Good of the company      -     CEO's penchant

(Timeless eternity)              (Time eternity)  

Golden Lid



Lower Hemisphere

Attitude of the business community (Mind)

in the country


Floor leadership in the company   (Life)


Workers of all levels  (Matter)

At times of crisis in a market which is shrinking, the business community thinks in terms of saving their skin and resorts to all methods that life has evolved during times of disintegration. This way mind separates from the Supermind, insists on being the finite. Instead, if the business community thinks in terms of commercial consciousness, the potentials of that consciousness which are infinite, begin to take shape, not through the penchant of the CEO but through the good of the company, through floor leadership and workers respond to it. This can be initiated by the CEO if he chooses to act, not through his penchant but through the good of the company. Good of the company is not his own profit, but the good of the entire company. Take two instances in any company that succeeded and failed and both of them will confirm this rule. Construction of similar analogies for the family and the individual will further clarify. Any tangle can be unravelled by this approach.

Delight of the Body

Bodies that delight in dress are receptive to the vital. He who enjoys counting money or spending money or physically enjoys human company are those who are vitally receptive. Devotion to a spouse or friend or crew felt in the body is the maximum enjoyment man has devised in the vital plane. Man's body is not yet capable of enjoying mental knowledge beyond enjoying a mechanical skill or chanting a mantra. Beating another is negative physical enjoyment. It becomes vital when you can inflict punishment out of your social position.


By surrender one loses everything and reduces himself to zero. It is evident. He turns it around and says surrender is man's only strength. He is the first to do so and most of the essential bases are of this character.  He calls ignorance greater knowledge. Even The Gita asks man to surrender, but promises him not strength. The Gita says surrender will absolve man of all his sins. The principle of strength is there implicit. In the old societies, total surrender was demanded on pain of death. It was submission. Such submission entails man to share the strength of his master. The greater the surrender, the greater is the capacity to share the strength to which he surrenders. Submission, obedience and surrender, by implication, express different shades of meaning.

Life is involution, a continuous expression of further involution. His yoga is evolution, not the evolution of body or mind, but the evolution of the soul and its expressions in body, mind and nerves. As involution is reversal into evolution, it is but natural that every aspect so reversed acquires the very opposite of character.  So, surrender, instead of being a total loss, becomes a total strength. Submission shares the strength of that to which we surrender with its permission. Surrender too shares the strength of the Divine to which it surrenders, but, here it does so by becoming the Divine through identification. His example in Savitri is the narrow river flowing into the sea losing itself in the infinity of the sea. This is a process of the finite becoming infinite and surrender is the tool.

The physical through fighting wins to dominate. The vital conquest uses social authority. The mental, in order to conquer the opponent, convinces. Shankara convinced a whole nation dominated by Buddhism by mental conquest. Today Buddhism is almost non-existent in India. The spiritual conquest degenerates into religion. When it does not degenerate, the spirit approaches the enemy with love silently. The Supramental gives the enemy Love as an endowment and takes him into its fold. The instrument of the Supramental is surrender. As one rises in the scale, physicality gets reduced and values increase.

Two meet not in unity but in division. Divided, you shrink. But if division is infinitely continued, one becomes infinite, as divided by zero.

Obedience and submission were negative so far in society. To make them positive, one must accept them in the higher spirit. That way, one can surrender to his wife, servant and enemy and still become the all powerful God.


Take two women of comparable social standing. One is from USA or France and the other from Iran. The Muslim woman would not have gone to school and would be working in the kitchen for the rest of her life. Individuals in a dictatorship and democracy on an equal footing face different social opportunities. Maybe, to say that democracy offers ten or a hundred times greater opportunities, would be right. Democracy is a social institution. The next higher level is psychological which if centred in the soul can take one to spirituality. He who takes to spirituality, we can safely say, has an opportunity one hundred times greater than his social compeer.

Democratic rights are given by society. Psychological freedom is given to one by himself, by his own choice. Spiritual freedom is arrived at by aspiration of the soul. The vital psychic, if it offers to emerge and preside over one's life, can raise the finite life of man into one of infinite plenty.

Even in the lower half of the sphere of opportunities offered by the soul emerging in life we can discern three levels of accomplishment:

  • 1) The maximum growth he can achieve by willing effort.
  • 2) The maximum possibility that exists in his profession, but of which he is not conscious.
  • 3) The maximum society offers, which he does not believe in his ignorance.

If your father has been a high executive or your brother is earning at twice the level of your father, naturally this lies within one's maximum willing effort, an effort that is required by the work.

In your own trade, if someone has run several stores and sold for $200M, it is reasonable to believe that you can reach his level with the soul emerging in your life. You must have an expertise by now to advise everyone in the trade.

In your varied career you come across presidents of world associations or world famous men with whom you are able to do meaningful work. The rules of life tell us that you too can attain those positions.

What others have been able to do without their souls emerging, one must be able to do with the soul presiding over his life. If Columbus could go to America some centuries ago, we must be able to go there now. What I propose is a similar effort.

Enjoyment and Accomplishment

Enjoyment is the energy overflowing in the vital. Though enjoyment is there in all the planes, we think of it only in the vital. Mind enjoys thinking, body enjoys doing. Enjoyment has an amplitude.

Body enjoys a physical skill but its enjoyment can rise in quality if the body receives a greater inrush of energy from the vital. Bodily enjoyment of a skill is enhanced by the enthusiasm of the vital supplying greater energy to that skill. It can be further enhanced by an idea of the mind. As the amplitude between what expresses the energy and where that energy originates increases, the quality and intensity of enjoyment increases. In theory, the greatest possible enjoyment is the body, the lowest member, expressing the spirit, the highest of members.

Mother says the only enjoyment man receives is from woman. It results in the finest product of creation, a child. In terms of the scale of enjoyment, this act is physical expressing either the physical energies or vital attachment. If married life is informed of idealistic mental love seated in Level 2, the level of enjoyment rises. The soul plays no part in married life, even when both are bound by idealistic mental love.

Vital psychic emerging is the soul in the vital. Psychic is the soul, the highest of points. The lowest is the physical. The distance between the soul and the body is the greatest and therefore body expressing the psychic results in the greatest of joys. We consider a step less the soul expressing in the vital, a step less. Presently the vital expresses itself in the vital, sometimes in the mental. Therefore, our present position and the goal we are seeking are farther away. Its resulting in infinite abundance is possible.

Levels of human existence, different planes expressing other planes

  • 1) Physical expressing the physical.
  • 2) Physical expressing the vital.
  • 3) Physical expressing the mental.
  • 4) Physical expressing the spiritual.
  • 5) Physical expressing the Psychic.
  • 6) Vital expressing the mental.
  • 7) Vital expressing the spiritual.
  • 8) Vital expressing the psychic.
  • 9) Mental expressing the spiritual.
  • 10) Mental expressing the psychic.

The higher planes can express the lower planes also. Mind can express the physical but that is of no interest to us just now. The entire progress this century has seen is by vital man moving to mind, that is, the vital expressing the mental Level 6. Our goal is vital expressing the psychic Level 8.  Making this move, one need not doubt his life will acquire dimensions of infinity as it is two planes higher than what the world has so far witnessed.

How can there be a life without failure?

It is possible in three ways. First when efficiency rises to levels of perfection, though failure is possible, we never see it. A Yugoslavic woman buying a ticket in Germany learnt that the connecting train was in six minutes. Yugoslavia is like India where punctuality is unknown. She asked why a longer interval was not allowed in case the train runs late. The German clerk asked, 'Why would the train come late?' The efficiency in Germany in public transport does not permit late running of trains even by six minutes. Secondly, through  manners and goodness practised to perfection there can be no failures. Servile subordinates do not know of any occasion of having crossed their bosses in words or thought. What is possible for servility is also possible positively by native goodness. Among friends, couples, within families that are of high culture, often there comes a boor. When the boor empties his nastiness, it is a sight to see the friend or the spouse beaming with a smile totally ignoring the nasty outburst and resuming the good-natured conversation. Though very rare, it is not unknown. Thirdly, the subconscious functions like breathing, never knowing a break or failure. The emerging soul in the vital on the higher side may exhibit the unity witnessed in the subconscious. On the lower side, either by an austere discipline or good-natured benevolence, a life of no failure is possible. Formulas in arithmetic, physics or geometry never fail. Our life can acquire the precision of formulas by a higher organisation.

His philosophy admits of no failure

   On page 117 of The Life Divine, He explains three views, noumenal, idealistic and His own.  Life explained by the other two have two separate halves not related to each other. His is based on Real Idea expressing itself as a continuum as life on the lower side. As there is no break in His philosophy, it admits of no failure. On page 464,. He describes Buddha, Shankara and Himself. Buddha saw the miseries of the world and discovered how to get rid of them by dissolving their structure. He did not try to know how they arose. Shankara took one further step and saw what Buddha did not see, but he saw it from within the problem, subjectively. Therefore, in both their systems a life of no failure cannot be conceived. He saw life as a part of a whole, a stage in a complete journey, saw it from outside life. To Him, life cannot have two sides. It is all one. Therefore, for those who use His yogic force in life, life can be without failure.

To achieve what we have so far not achieved

To do so it is obvious we need to make an effort we have so far not made. Those who expect greater results for repeating an effort of the previous level are not going to succeed. Either in organisation or in inner psychology or in some fashion, when you are determined for a higher effort, you will certainly be rewarded with a greater result, not for less.

In the earlier article which I wrote for the Indian devotees, I said it is not necessary to cross the line. As long as one gets all the benefits below the line, and the crossing of the line is not going to add to the benefit except the right to it. For those who have taken to Mother as a religious worship, it is not necessary to cross the line, especially since crossing the line requires a great effort. Here I emphasise not so much the result as the knowledge which gives the result. To attain to that knowledge, one has to cross the line necessarily.

There are the unbelievers who question the existence of God. But to all perceptive souls, whether they believe in a God or not, it must be evident that the Force which has created the world is not man's and is obviously a far greater force inconceivable by us. In our own work the fall of Berlin wall, the reinstatement of Gorbachev, Chrysler's revival, unemployment in the US, rainfall in India, world food production, the ghost of inflation have a story to tell. Seeing them in perspective, one must surmise that it is all not by chance. If it is not by chance, what else is it? These events are within our own experience. What validates these experiences? If all these experiences are invalid to one's perception, nothing more need be said. If they gain any significance in his mind, then we can proceed to present some facts, many arguments, some logic or a little reasoning to say that an unfailing life of ever-increasing abundance is possible.

I insist here on crossing the line because below the line failure is theoretically possible. Power cut is possible in USA. Above the line as the organism has the subconscious efficiency, failure is even theoretically not possible.

Yogic method     - The thought of Mother should precede the thought of what you wish.

Mental method   - Give up superstitious irrationality one hundred percent.

Vital method       - Be expansive, give up shrinking methods of selfishness.

Physical method - Perfect your efficient skills.

Men prefer the positive side of life and the good there. I prefer man's rising to the higher plane instead of moving from the negative to the positive side. When faced with a problem, don't try to solve it in that plane. Try to move to the next plane. To increase the slowing sales, taking greater efforts is to act on the same plane. Instead, try to improve the quality of goods and particularly service. Quality goods sold through quality service will be in a higher plane and cannot meet with possibility of failure. Doing that with every item of work, how can you not be a permanent success?

Success is physical to the skilled, vital to the courageous, mental to those who have clarity. These are conditions one can fulfil. Outside these lie two conditions.

  • Can an unskilled or timid or confused person succeed? It is right for him to exert to acquire the missing traits. In the event of his failing to do so, a wider context of his family, community or society can help him succeed.
  • When the widest possible support also fails, one can call Mother and She never fails, because She is Mother to the individual, Mother to the family and Mother to the society. As the society is mother to the family and the family to the individual, the creative force of life which gives birth to society is available to us through Mother. In fact, it is not Mother. Mother is beyond the birthplace of society, the birthplace of life, the birthplace of mind which is Supermind. She dwells in the birthplace of Supermind, that is, the consciousness-force.

It is right you avail of any of these forces around you. But it is a greater right that you avail of Her through any of these forces.

Levels of Understanding

Universities, colleges and educational systems were created to impart knowledge. In India, it has been reduced to memorisation. And boys are able to get first class, Grade A and even a rank in the university by memorisation. Memorisation gives no knowledge.

Western institutions insist pupils understand what they read. Instead of memorising, students are taught to understand the subjects. This is better than rote memory but this is not knowledge.

Students must be trained to think originally and understand. That way, what develops is not original thinking but original understanding. As the pupil goes to the first principles and reasons out each step even as the writer of the text book did as an original exercise of mind, his knowledge will be flawless.

Memory can fail; understanding can be wrong. Even after understanding one has to keep it in memory which too can fail. But when the pupil has exercised his mind originally from the first principles, there can be no wrong conclusion. Also in this case memory cannot fail. What the student relies on is not memory but understanding. Understanding each step by its logic will lead to the next step unfailingly.

Memorisation and understanding are below the line, the lesser and better methods. Thinking is above the line, an unfailing method. The life without failure is analogous to thinking.

Partial Success and Total Success

Almost all the devotees know at one time or another, in one measure or another the finite giving way to becoming infinite. There will not be a single devotee who has not seen a touch of it. What I speak of here is to make it a permanent way of life.

Man acts from the surface unconsciously. In matters that concern him, he acts from the depth, that is,.from the depth of the surface. Only in times of danger the surface opinions, attitudes and  habits give way and a cry arises from the very depth. Such a prayer is answered at once.

Those who have made such experiments on themselves know the power of thoughts and how they help or hinder. The power of opinion can be seen only when it is shed. Because we are the opinion, we cannot see it. Attitude is deep-seated. Motive is in a greater depth, rather, the greatest depth of being.

When a problem is to be solved, man surrenders disturbing thoughts. It helps him. He is not able to surrender the opinions, attitudes, or motives likewise. Serious problems lead to serious concentration which helps suspend them for a moment during which interval the problem is solved.

Below the motive which is organised lies the naked irresistible unorganised urge spread all over our being, enveloping us as the air of the atmosphere. When it rises it is seen unmistakably. Recognising that, is as unmistakable as it is irresistible. This urge has its mental, vital, and physical versions. It lies beyond the source of impulse. Impulse rises in waves one after another. It is less strong. Urge is omnipresent, uncontrollable and most powerful. It is so because it belongs to the unorganised part of the being. Opinions and so on are organised.

Confining myself to the vital urge, I ask for the surrender of this urge. That yields the surest victory and allows the psychic to emerge. Common expressions of such urges are well-known. A few examples will help to specify what I mean.

  • The urge to eat when there is no hunger.
  • The urge to share a secret with the wife.
  • Expectation of mail on Sunday.
  • Looking at home to find the wife when you have seen her off at the airport.
  • Servility.
  • Urge to steal.
  • Urge to think oneself to be superior.
  • Desire to please out of weakness.
  • Vain spending.

To come to grips with this urge and to form a decision in the mind to get rid of it, allow it to mature into determination and to set to work on it will slowly but steadily lead to the shedding of the urge. When it is shed, the whole body, the whole being will be flooded by calm and peace. There will be no urge to act.

Knot of Matter

This is the title of a chapter in The Live Divine.  Here He addresses a central and crucial issue of religions. The Christian view is that the soul by doing good can go to heaven, or being evil, goes to hell. Life is given to Man to qualify for entering heaven. The Indian view is that man is under the load of karma of present and past births. It is for him to work out his karma and enter heaven. By yoga he can do it more quickly. In both views there is no issue on earth. Earth is only a preparatory sojourn. Both agree that freedom for the soul is not on earth.

In this chapter He describes how the human mind arrived at this conclusion and calls this pessimistic. His own theme is this pessimism will be justified if mind is the creator of the world. In the earlier chapters He argued that it is not the mind that created the world but the Supermind. Mind is a subordinate action of Supermind. In the last page of this chapter, He explains, as mind is a subordinate action of Supermind, mind can escape division, restore unity and enjoy bliss. So also, life can be saved from division. But the whole world has dismissed the idea of body escaping division and enjoying unity and bliss on earth. He explains how it is possible by changing our view and resorting to finer substance available behind the gross material substance of matter,  that is,.the body. It is the first announcement to the world of the possibility of heaven on earth.  The lucidity of logic that explains His experience is a delight to read.

Our theme here is not paradise on the  material earth, but the paradise in the vital world, the human life, which He argues in the penultimate paragraph is easily possible.

Even for rescuing the body, His position is that Man is the prisoner of fetters he has forged. As it is his own creation, it must not be difficult for him to undo that.

He makes supramentalisation of the physical  that simple. The tangle is no longer there, the knot dissolves the moment we know it was our own creation and well within our powers to undo it. My theme here is less forbidding. It is not the body we are grappling with, but life, where there is no such knot, but only a non-existent tangle.

Men are divided into two halves, one that seeks progress and the other that seeks reinforcement of the present status. Both together are only a small portion of humanity while the rest are meaningless. Anyone who finds himself not meaningless still has to discover his own penchant. If that turns out to be reinforcement of the status quo, he will be exercising the prerogative of his free will. Should he find himself in the other tiny minority that seeks progress, this article will help him to attain it. When he finds himself in the other camp of preserving the present, these arguments will be of use if he chooses to see the fetters he has forged for himself.

The issue is never with a second person

As long as it is spiritual progress, it is never given to a second person to decide. The man is entirely his own master. When it comes to a question of a family or organisation,  a second person or persons hold the key only to the extent it is an organisational problem. In a company, you are effective in creating an organisation to the extent of the authority you have. Within this limit, you are  free to achieve your goal in the company. Beyond where the laws of the land do not permit you to exercise your authority, you are at the mercy of their cooperation. Our theme lies well within our own authority because in seeking abundant and infinite possibilities, we are not seeking for the souls of the employees. We are seeking that luck for our personal life through a company of our creation.

Only when someone takes it into his head that he should extend spiritual freedom to his employees or board members or friends, he finds himself inhibited. It is not the case for our theme.

What we want to achieve is a life of felicity, abundance, ever-growing expansion in an organisation of our creation within the scope of the laws of the land. In this, the issue is never with another soul. It is entirely in our hands.


Man enjoys in the given circumstances or tries to create circumstances for greater enjoyment. The physical enjoys circumstances of work, vital circumstances of human company. All these are external. The thinker, the poet, the artist and all those who are developed in mind or soul create a world of thought or a world of creative imagination and are lost there. The Absolute creates a universe and is lost in enjoying Himself and that is the rationale for lila. To heighten even that enjoyment, He loses Himself in his creation and enjoys discovering His lost Self.

In the history of the earth, Sri Aurobindo says, four landmarks stand out. The crucifixion of Jesus, the Trojan war, Brindavan and Kurukshetra are those four events. Jesus brought Love, Trojan war was fought for a woman, Brindavan manifested psychic love among souls of devotion and Kurukshetra fought a war to establish an order for enjoying that psychic love.

Sri Aurobindo came to establish not social laws like Krishna, but the spiritual power that would be the foundation of the Supramental Love which is the culmination of the growth of psychic love.

He also says, as I quoted, happiness and fortune are the goals of the lower vital. Supramental Love is the goal He chose. In between lies the highest human accomplishment by the purest of enjoyments which is the result of the psychic emerging in the vital to make one's work an infinite success.

Accomplishment by enjoyment is the highest available good for one who declines to be a sadhaka of Integral Yoga. Even for one who takes to yoga, the rule is the same but what he sets out to accomplish is not a life of infinite success. He seeks felicity, not happiness; unfettered opportunity to emerge out of inconscience, not mere fortune.

The point at which the full stop came

Occasionally man agrees to change and changes successfully. Whether it is a recent experience or a long past one, when it is brought back to mind, all that he has done to bring about that monumental change was to stop repeating an age-old habit, nothing more. It would be a habit reinforcing the nature, swabhava. What appears to be that simple to understanding or observation is so monumental in doing. That is the world of difference between the mind and vital or the mind and the body.

Surrender of thoughts

What we know of as thoughts are those that run in the mind. There is an observer in the mind who watches these running thoughts. These are on the merest surface, the surface of the surface mind. At best they are inconsequential and flitting around, because mind is open to them. Any concentration needs the mind to pull itself away from them. Behind the observer is the thinker. The thinker lives by the understandings he has gathered so far. The senses feed the mind (Level 3) with sensual facts. Mind does not fully accept the facts of the senses which the vital mind, Level 4, does. Level 3 sifts the fact from the aura of senses as far as possible and the facts are organised according to its earlier training.  What emerges out of two or more facts coordinating is a thought. Thoughts organised by 3 lead to an understanding.  One, being the philosopher, collects these facts and understanding, removes the dross of sensational impressions fully and organises them into concepts in its consciousness or ideas in its substance. In between Level 1 and Level 3 lies the mental vital that colours these thoughts with emotion.

He says intellectuality seeks agnosticism and oneness and thought seeks the Absolute. The highest good of Level 3 is not to believe in anything because its instrument is intellectuality. Therefore what greater ideal can such thoughts seek than oneness? Thought could seek the Absolute as thought is derived from knowledge that is being. Being is the first manifestation of the Absolute. Hence it can be sought by thought.

One who tries to surrender his thoughts knows that they are not merely the running thoughts but all that goes with it. Thoughts, emotions, concepts and ideas go with it. To successfully surrender one's thoughts, it is necessary that these thoughts be detached from understandings, complaints, grievances, and so on.

Seeking oneness by intellectuality and seeking the Absolute by thought are ideals of yoga. Anyone can have the limited aim of seeking them in his own work having set the goal of emerging psychic in the vital.

There are people who do not know their thoughts. We do not see our feelings except when they surface. Often we do not know our attitudes clearly. Motives, we do not know at all. Rarely do people know them. Often they know them wrongly. No one knows his ego. Ego is conceptual, not sensational. But, once we want to know the ego, we can know it coordinating our thoughts in the mind, feeling it as a sensation in the mind or vital, seeing a vision of it if we succeed in the effort of separating the mental person and the mental act sufficiently, dissolve it by shifting our centre away from it. Persistent desire to get rid of it makes us see the ego. It can give a sensation just as headache is felt as a mental nervous sensation.

Forces of higher planes produce results in greater abundance

All progress man has witnessed is progress by the forces of mind acting in the planes of vital or physical. Water expands 1700 times to become steam. One degree of the Supreme can permeate millions of universes, says He. The more subtle the substance is, the more powerful it is. The history of the last 2000 years has been presided over by human ideas. Thirukural is an ethical treatise in Tamil written several thousand years ago containing about 1500 couplets. It is hailed as a Bible and has been translated into many languages in India and abroad. The basic ideas around which it is woven are 13. Considering only the original ideas by which our world today is ruled, one would wonder that there may not be more than a dozen or at best two. Such is the power of ideas because they belong to the plane of mind. Even in scientific principles and technical ideas one can see that the numbers are too small but the applications are innumerable. All the miraculous progress computers are making is based on one principle only, the principle of addition. For our theme, we bring down the force of the psychic through spirit and mind to the vital. Therefore the expansion of the power in the plane of action is enormous.

Ego, Universe

Professionals in India are blatantly egoistic, unmindful and unaware of the professional needs of the client. Rarely do we see here a doctor or a lawyer who does not act for reasons of prestige or ego. When professionals are selfless, unegoistic and act like the profession requires, they find themselves expansive and creative because then they exercise their minds with respect to the requirements of the profession. High requirements of the profession do not allow them to be narrow and uncreative.

Self is That in us. One can express that Self in his profession. Then he becomes evolutionary. The energy that he carries is hundred-fold. The egoistic professional shrinks the scope of the profession. Selflessness helps him expand to the needs of the profession which are wide. He who has realised the Self, when he expresses it in his work, expands to the ends of the universe, expressing an evolutionary energy.

Primitive life, modern life, Psychic life

Comparing our present life with that of the primitive man, we are able to see ours is infinitely more creative, more comfortable, more enjoyable. Psychic life will be infinitely more expansive than our present life. The primitive man was physical. We are vital. The psychic life is three steps removed from our life while our life is only one step or two steps removed from that of the primitive man.

Ethical values in different ages

Unpardonable crimes of one age become pardonable in another age, even ideals. That happens even in different cultures. When we change to the psychic life again, it will happen. Coming forward to change our values like that, we qualify for the psychic to emerge in our lives.

The Line

In all planes of life, social, personal, family, official and public,.there is a dividing line below and above which, the same rule yields opposite or different results. In psychic life too such a line is there. Most of the confusion arises because issues are considered ignoring the line. The same phenomenon is seen when things are positive or negative. Combining both the characteristics, we can split life into 4 compartments:


           -   +                                + +




          -                                -




Problems arise in four different contexts. The context of ++ always yields completely good results.  We must be able to act from there and avoid the context of  - -.  It is in the contexts of + - and - + that one requires resourcefulness, dexterity, skill, thoughtfulness and negotiation.

As these are common themes amongst us, I leave them unexplained.

Reality of things

What is Reality? For spirit, That is reality. For life, accomplishment is real. Reality can differ. Whatever the reality you seek, the following rule holds good.           

Everything that comes to us will be Real, only if we are Real inside.

The inside and outside seeking different realities will be unreal.

Finite and Infinite

Things have various attributes: quality, quantity, usefulness, recurrence, value, durability, movement, energy and a host of other attributes. Any of them can be limited or finite. They can be infinite. Whether they are finite or infinite depends upon, as we said earlier, organisation, subtlety, and so on. Creation of money has expanded the value of production energies infinitely. Velocity of money can further raise it. Similar scope is there for everything. As all these attributes converge in the soul, the soul emerging can change any finite attribute to infinity. The emerging soul can only convert the attributes of things to be infinite. For the very things to be changed into infinite dimensions, the substance must be spiritualised.

That in LIfe

He explains that That is there in us and we can withdraw into That. That is a yoga siddhi. That emerging in life is a greater yogic accomplishment. Transformation of life into That is theoretically possible and is conceivable. He in his yoga considers only supramental transformation, not further.

New Birth

Poverty, ignorance, neglect, incapacity and such others are real to those who are immersed in them. Those people emerging into their very opposites take a new birth. Such new births involve a reversal of consciousness. Those in human life being born into psychic life have such a new birth, though of a higher order. This also involves a reversal of consciousness. By resorting to that reversal of consciousness, one is born anew.

Formula for accomplishment

Rules of accomplishment are simple. All the inputs in all the planes must be assembled in a right sequence and in the right time, in a context that permits or supports that accomplishment.

For us to fill these formulas in detail for any work we have been doing for a long time is easy. What then is one's maximum possible accomplishment? It will be decided by the work atmosphere available to us. Several indications are available to assess that atmosphere. Choose a high enough accomplishment and try to fill up the requirements. You will know whether it is possible. Choose what is possible in our estimate. Subject it to this analysis. When satisfied with the analysis, go about doing it.

Your study will reveal you can certainly accomplish more than ten times your present level.

True Delight of Existence

Those who defied the establishment declared, 'I want to be myself. I do  not want to do what I am told. I want to do what I want to do'. This is a path that seeks the true delight of existence. There is another facet to it. The pickpocket, the cheat, the philanderer, the unchaste woman, the truant, and such people may be ashamed of what they are when caught. But when they are left to themselves, and they go on trying to be themselves, they enjoy being a pickpocket, a liar, a cheat, and so on, deriving the true delight of existence. It is true of the blind, the deaf and all invalids and all patients suffering from incurable diseases.

In a social context, they are looked down upon and it hurts them. In a psychological context, or an evolutionary context to which they go inside, it is a moment of true delight for them.

Negative, evil persons can become positive or good. It is a path of progress in the psychological plane. That is not the only path open to man. By realising the true mission of their evil or negative nature and trying to fulfil it, the true delight of existence will be felt. Only that they must have the courage to disregard the society as well as conscience. Krishna in suggesting several ruses to the Pandavas, had no compunction but fulfilled an evolutionary aim. That will be like the criminal and harlot seriously going about their work with missionary zeal. Our whole nature can be understood like that, if only one has the courage, an evolutionary courage. That is a state of mind which discovers the world as a marvel.

It is possible to take our world and see the evolutionary missions we can espouse within that limited framework.

Earthly Paradise

When the soul emerges in the body in the life of a company, every worker will act with the capacity and responsibility of the proprietor. I have limited the scope to the soul emerging in the vital. That will make all the executives of the company proprietors.

Guaranteed freedom from accident

One may enjoy it or may have enjoyed it all his life but to guarantee it to oneself is not given to anyone. Such a phenomenon is not known to life.

Accident is a failure to successfully survive. Success arises when you are vitally upbeat. When the physical consciousness is upbeat, overflowing in its organised energy, accidents do not occur. Generally when we are part of an upbeat social atmosphere, we move clear of accidents. To be able to keep the physical consciousness positive in the atmosphere steers clear of even a scratch. The vital soul coming out is more than enough to achieve this even in the physical plane.

The Hidden Process

In all activities there are two sides. The external side is that of the user. On the other side someone creates the work through a process. The user does not know the process. Often he cannot know the process even if he wants. When we travel, we know the comforts of the travel, not how it is brought to us. When you speak to another, you know the process in your mind but the other man knows only what you speak. The government issuing an order which the citizen obeys, the writer writing a book read by the student, the store keeper selling the product to the buyer have these two sides. The buyer who knows of the product as much as the store keeper, the reader knowing the thought pattern of the author, the citizen who knows the order from its genesis are in a vantage point out of experience. The power that knowledge gives is total.

On pages 313 and 314, He describes that mind knows the results and can conceive of possibilities but cannot know the process through which the results issue. Supermind knows the processes, the possibilities and the results as there, all the three are one.

Imagine, in your profession, knowing the processes of the minds of the people you are to deal with, as they themselves know it. It gives a total power over the work. It can be said either way. When the psychic comes out, you will have that knowledge. Your acquiring that knowledge will release the psychic.

Calling Mother in the work, making the thought of Mother precede the thought of work, will make the work be suffused by the atmosphere which gives you this knowledge and power. If the psychic emerges, this power becomes permanent.

Descent and Ascent

To be in either is to be finite. To be in both is to be infinite. One can be the unmanifest infinite in the worlds above. But to be in the ascent and the descent simultaneously is to be the manifest infinite.

In a company, the CEO works in the descent and the others, in the ascent. That executive who feels the responsibility of the CEO in his work and that CEO who knows the problems of the executives and workers in his own discharge of duties are simultaneously in the ascent and descent. They make the company infinite.

Our position in the present society

The right method, we said, accomplishes in the right atmosphere. She brings it. Aspiration rising and meeting Her consciousness creates the atmosphere. The method is to be fully positive and exhaust our faculties. As we are accomplishing in Her consciousness, we have nothing to accomplish in this world, just like starting an industry in a village has nothing to do with the village life. He who starts an industry in a village is above the social level of the village; at least he will be in the top layer of the village. Working in Her Consciousness, we cannot be anywhere lower than the topmost layer of the society.

God in Life

Here I say, we want God in our lives. Our life on the farm or factory is not too low for Him because it is His own creation. Instead of running the farm as a human being, we will run it as a God-realised soul. This need not be a distant idea for us, nor need it be intimidating. The villager does not hesitate to use the latest technology - phone, bus, fertilisers, and so on. - and does not insist on going step by step. This is possible because he is only a user. God in life is the latest spiritual technology we can readily accept without hesitation.

What else can stand in the way?

Fear, diffidence, timidity can stand in the way. They do. In human life, there is no way out. With Mother, one who wants to get rid of it can.

How do we release the psychic in life?

As explained in greater detail in the earlier paper, I suggest one of the three methods below:

  • 1) consecration;
  • 2) prayer for three continuous days;
  • 3) the call of the being kept up for seven days.

An experiment and a method

Take either the greatest opportunity you face or the greatest problem. Imagine Mother's figure in your heart and send it there. Let the imagination be real in your visual sensations. Split the issue into several parts and steadily send Mother to each part till Mother reaches there, overtakes the issue and the issue gets fully replaced by Mother.

Should it work there, send Mother to your vital, to the vital psychic, calling to your aid, ideas in this article. When Mother replaces the psychic, the psychic would emerge to preside over your vital.

story | by Dr. Radut