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Data Mining

Development of scales and measurements make identification of resources easier and thereby a hundred fold resources can be had.

Data mining identifies parallels.

Parallels bring out various types of Resources

1)      for problem solving

2)      creation of opportunities

3)      creation now of opportunities in the next three or thirty phases of social development.

These parallels exist in information, quantities, qualities, their relationship with a centre. They are in the same field or in opposite fields and any field.

Correspondences, correlatives, complements, are a very small part of our study. But, as in every other thing, they have a way of being all-comprehensive.

Jaundice is cured by three doses of a leaf in India.

Data mining can find that chemical compound. It is information.

The rules of correspondence used for this type of data mining are:

  • Likes go together (Bingley and Jane) for a big result, but a small result in that high plane;
  • Opposites attract (Elizabeth and Darcy) for a very great creative result that incidentally solves other problems (Lydia, Jane).
  • In 1 to 9, we know 1, 4, 7 are related; 2, 5, and 8 are related; 3, 6, and 9 are related as they are all mental, vital, physical parts.
  • Data mining finding these patterns useful, we can extend it in many ways.

Such data mined can be used in recruitment, promotion, seeking marriage, business partners, electing political leaders, appointing CEOs. Each number such as 3 is related by proximity to 2 and 4.

That opens up a new vista.

Selection of sites for new projects can very well use these data.

Often a project has to be abandoned as after launching it, one comes upon a hostile circumstance.

  • The presence of excess in one place and its want in another place is a pattern to be discovered.
  • An existing pattern, if extended a little opens a huge market which one cannot meet.
  • In the likes attracting and the opposites attracting, if we introduce grades the whole of life can be covered. That is 90% likes, 80% likes, etc. open new avenues of possibilities.
  • One principle well used will open up possibilities for 10.  With 30 principles, the whole of life will be more than covered.

story | by Dr. Radut