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Creating Infinite Money



Money is a symbol for human productivity. Money is a function of human energy, confidence and organization. The original form of money was a warehouse receipt that represented the value of goods stored in the warehouse. Instead of resorting to barter trade of goods, the receipt served as a medium of exchange for goods. This made possible a much larger number and greater complexity of transactions, thus enhancing the productivity and prosperity of society.

Without money, human effort to produce is limited to subsistence levels. Man is motivated only to produce that which he can consume, store without perishing or trade locally in exchange for other useful products or services. The advent of money enables man to convert his effort into a storage, transportable form that can be exchanged for any other goods or services, now or at any future time, here or at any other place on earth. Money encourages man to produce not just what he requires of a commodity but the maximum of which he is capable. It provides incentives for elevating skill, increasing productivity, adopting better technology and improving organization. In this sense, money is a symbol for surplus human energy. Man converts his surplus production into money. The greater the surplus he produces the greater the money he accumulates.

Money has no inherent value of its own other than the value of the paper it is printed on. Electronic money does not even have that value. Its value derives from the goods and services it can be converted into. The original value of money stemmed from the fact that it represented a certain quantity of foodgrain stored in the warehouse. Those goods generated confidence in the public that used the money that at any time they could convert their money back into the commodity. In practice, it was much more convenient to store their wealth as money.

Although the money appears to represent material goods, what it actually represents is the public confidence in those goods. Suppose the pharaoh who originally issued money in exchange for wheat (or the pharaoh's rats), secretly consumed the wheat that the money represented. As long as the public believed the wheat to be in the warehouse, the money would still serve the purpose of stimulating production and trade in a wide range of goods and services. It is the belief that has the power to generate and release human energy that creates wealth.

Suppose for every bag of wheat the pharaoh takes into the warehouse, he issues not one but two receipts for one bag each. The initial impact will be to create greater purchasing power in the society, greater demand for goods and services, greater incentives for people to work hard and invent more productive ways of functioning. In other words it will create greater prosperity. However, if a time comes when the public discovers the pharaoh's innovative monetary policy, it will realize its money is not fully backed by wheat, panic may set it and no trader will want to accept the currency. The money will decline in value, because public perception has changed.

Now suppose, the pharaoh is a very clever politician. When the people march on his pyramid demanding wheat in exchange for their receipts, he climbs up to the peak and explains to them as follows: "People, if you want wheat, I will give it to you. But my money is not just backed by wheat in the warehouse. It is backed by all the gold in my coffers. It is backed by all the lands under my ownership. But not only that. My money is also backed by all the future wealth which glorious Egypt is about to acquire in service of the great god Ra. My armies are just now setting shore on Greece where we will pillage their prosperity and carry back untold wealth of gold, jewelry, spices, slaves and woman. My money is backed by that wealth and if you wait patiently you can convert it into any of these things. The people listen and conceded the point. The pharaoh's money is backed by the productive and plundering capacity of the entire society. Their faith is restored. They go back to work, work doubly hard, produce twice as much wealth and make Egypt the richest nation in the world-all because they have faith in the pharaoh's money.

Money is an organization as well as a symbol. The creation and circulation of money depends on a vast network of organizations for printing and issuing it, agencies for preventing and detecting counterfeiting, banks for safe storage, institutions that will pay interest on my surplus money that I do not need now and lend it to someone else who will pay them even higher interest for its present use, organizations for communication and physical movement of money. The value of the money will be limited by the number of transactions it can facilitate, i.e. speed with which the organization can circulate it (how long it takes for a hundi payment to reach India) as well as the geographic region in which the money is accepted. Today the speed of money circulation has reached the speed of light and the region is as wide as the world, so money has become infinitely more productive than in the past.

So money is a function of human energy, confidence and organization. Any factor that increases the release of energy, the level of confidence or the speed and reach of the organization creates greater wealth.

Where does money acquire this power? It derives its power from the power of mind acting on the vital and the physical. When mind recognizes that it can convert present physical labor into a host of desirable products and services, it exercises its capacities to improve the organization or work and technology and to release greater vital energy to produce more. When mind's confidence or trust in the value of money increases, the release of human energy and initiative increases proportionately. When mind innovates advances in organization, the productivity of that money increases proportionately or disproportionately.

The Process

All creation in the universe follows the same process. The divine manifests as world according to this process. A Shakespeare or Beethoven creates immortal works of art by the same process. Political leaders found countries, business people establish companies, the lover ‘creates' love and the family people create families by the same process.

That process is a one of self-conception within oneself of an idea or intention in consciousness, energization of the idea by the force of personality, and projection of that energized idea into mental, vital and material forms. The clearer the idea and the consciousness that supports it, the greater the energy that charges it, and the more perfect the expression in form, the greater the creation.

Acquiring practical knowledge

The ordinary writer bases his creations on specific material facts, current circumstances and practical knowledge. His work is a creation in gross thought. The great writer bases his work on universal characteristics of life and human nature, timeless questions and challenges, subtle wisdom of life. The gross thought of the ordinary writer may make interesting reading in the newspaper or make the best sellers list for a few months or years, then fall into oblivion. The subtle thought of the great poet never loses its richness or eminence. It goes on forever and grows in value the more it is contemplated. It becomes immortal.

As the poet creates immortal literature, the devotee can create infinite money. The real power that creates money is mind, which is an instrument and delegate of supermind. The ordinary person increases his earning capacity by enhancing his knowledge in a specific field of production (e.g. running a store, computer programming, farming, consulting) and by enhancing his knowledge of the organization of money in that field (e.g. the best way to get good prices, the right markup for maximum profit, how to raise loans, share profits with partners or employees, etc.) Anything that enhances our knowledge of production or the organization in a specific field, increases our earning capacity in that field.

Already we are earning money at a particular level. That means we already have the minimum knowledge about production and organization of money needed to earn at our current level. Otherwise, we might know how to buy and sell but not how to earn a profit from the activity. Further enhancing our knowledge of production and money can increase our capacity to create money without limit.

This knowledge can be acquired in commonsense ways as so many people do - learning what others do in the trade, studying success stories, reading business books, consulting experts, observing more closely, taking courses, etc.

It can also be done much more rapidly and powerfully by direct spiritual methods relying on consecration. When we consecrate our current business activities, better still our past experiences, we extract far more knowledge than we presently have. We have a rich reservoir of past experience in buying, selling, hiring, firing, advertising, paying, collecting, etc. The knowledge we have gained from the experience will be minimal compared to what it has to offer. Consecrating either current or past acts to Mother will reveal all the knowledge those acts have to offer, which is literally infinite. It includes knowledge of the trade, of interacting with people, of human attitudes and ourselves. That knowledge can be directly translated into greater wealth creation. Rather the acquisition of that knowledge will automatically translate into greater wealth creation.


Beyond the knowledge, two other things are needed - the right attitude and the right effort.

The ordinary man increases his production and generates wealth when he becomes aware of opportunities that he had not recognized before and releases his energy to pursue. The devotee of Mother can create more money by recognizing that Mother can create infinite wealth with her force, with or without conducive outer circumstances. Faith in Mother which can be infinite takes the place of a limited finite opportunity and is capable of releasing far greater energy and creating far greater wealth.

The ordinary man may be aware of an opportunity, yet doubt his capacity to benefit from it. The doubt shrinks the opportunity to small size. The devotee basing himself on Mother, places his faith not in the opportunity but in Mother and his faith goes on expanding his confidence. As his confidence expands, the size of the opportunity expands as well. Greater energy is released. Greater results issue. The best attitude for releasing energy is to adopt now the cheerfulness and joyous attitude that one would have when he earns 10 or 100 times his present income. How much energy and confidence we will have then. Create that attitude now and it will bring that much wealth.

Behind the human mind and personality there is a creative intensity that is the source of all creation. By identifying ourselves with that intensity and shifting our reliance to it, we become channels for expressing greater energy and confidence that can produce infinite wealth.

Our capacity to release energy is limited by our attitudes and motives. In order to increase our capacity, shift the attitudes from negative to positive, from low to high, from life to Mother.

  • From selfishness to self-giving
  • From self-importance to the importance of work
  • From relying on external determinants to relying on the inner determinant
  • From complaint to cheerfulness
  • From expectation to patient application


Maintaining positive attitudes is challenging. The most powerful means to attract money is to genuinely wish for the prosperity of others and feel happy when they receive what has not yet come to you.


Beyond that there is only one thing more powerful - ABSOLUTE TRUTHFULNESS. Truthfulness means expressing fully as well as accurately that which you communicate.


Generating greater wealth based on this knowledge and positive attitude requires a field of life for expression, though that field is only a token for a creative process that is primarily internal. Whatever field of economic life we are presently related to, is sufficient to generate at least 10 or 100 times current income. The only requirement is to fully and perfectly express the knowledge we have acquired in the sphere of our present activities.

In sum, this knowledge acquires intensity and power in the mind when it is fully understood and accepted mentally. The mental effort to understand the true nature of money generates power. Money is created by the same process of human creation which human beings utilize to create poetic works or fiction or new technologies out of mental imagination. Relating that mental understanding to Mother's force gives the idea power of realization in your life. Analyze your present understanding of money as an object or something that must come from outside or be given to us until it becomes clear that money is something we can create and attract by our understanding and our attitude. The express that understanding in actions.

story | by Dr. Radut