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Courage – Violence – Disaster


July 22, 2002

  • Man was physical and still remains so partly.
  • His gigantic physical form was almost divine in its strength and was adored by women for its very beauty. They loved to be dominated by that strength.
  • The strength of that body was expressed through vital courage.
  • At its heights, by its very intensity it trespassed into violence.
  • As he moved to the vital and mental, the physical base insisted as before.
  • In individual as well as the collective that physical rigidity that refused to let the mind guide invited outer natural calamities that shattered it.
  • Mother says low consciousness invites Nature to come and open it mercilessly. Broadly speaking, natural calamities and rigidities of nature go together.
  • Man's mind willfully choosing to be rigid invites not so much natural calamities but the onslaught of other men of the same inner composition.
  • The political massacres are greatest in number in African nations.
  • Totalitarian governments come to power in nations where illiteracy and poverty rule.
  • Even within nations, the frequency of these disasters will have a parallel to their prosperity and education.
  • Communities that are well educated and very prosperous have a way of insisting on their power of prosperity to have its way. They end up in areas of natural faults that are prone to quakes.
  • Conflicts on the global scale or on local dimension will well lend themselves to examination along these lines. Our theory will bear out research over time or space.
  • These are fields not studied as this perspective of disaster is not there.
  • Measurements, scales, statistical tools are necessary to prove any claim.
  • It will be quite interesting to see that these rules are fully true in micro as well as macro dimensions at least in one area.

story | by Dr. Radut