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Contradictions as Complementaries



  • The Life Divine opens with this theme and He declares that this is the profoundest method of nature.
  • In the last chapter, He reconciles these contradictions about the human soul, saying it is really universal and transcendental.
  • There He enunciates that the method of converting the one into the other is transformation.
  • Contradictions were chosen by nature to achieve the goal of lila.
  • Here we shall see how the contradictions serve lila.
  • The very contradictories He speaks of have an important element of complement as the toothed wheel is moved into action by a chain which in mechanical terms is its contradiction.
  • These contradictions are found in all planes in the lower hemisphere as opposing ideas of differing mind, organised fight between virile, vital energies and the opposite form of matter completely incompatible.
  • In the Parliament the warring parties together make up the government. This is what we know and we also know how this opposition serves the nation.
  • Likes support, and are opposed by those that are unlike each other.
  • A strong man receives support from another strong man. A weak man hinders his cause. A strong man in the opposite camp hits him at his weak point to destroy him or disable him. This attack at his own weak point enables him to strengthen himself for a stronger attack later.
  • It is always true that one nourishes his own weakness. Realising his own weakness is the process of becoming strong. In that sense, weakness is the complement of strength.
  • Professionals relate to their clients who can be pictured as complements or contradictions.
  • It is the doctor who acts as a complement to the patient. They can be considered contraries that are complements.
  • So also the matchstick that lights a cracker to explode is such a complement. One helps the other fulfill itself. The matchstick completes the cracker to destroy itself or both.
  • The world can be seen as an arena abounding in various types of such contraries that are in another sense complements.
  • Where there is appreciation, there is collaboration. In the absence of it, there is conflict.
  • Man has moved from physical destruction of the enemy in the old monarchies to the destruction of his opinions in a democracy.
  • For an intelligent man to see the complementary value of the stupidity of a colleague and benefit by it to the utmost will at the same time benefit the stupid person similarly. This way, the reconciliation in the mind is achieved.
  • Purna Yoga takes this conflict to enjoyment and moves from mind to the physical. It goes further to discover that conflict inside oneself and He describes it as God enjoying man's body when man turns into a woman.
  • To be able to see problems in this light leads to solutions.
  • Conflicts over the centuries such as that between Islam and Judaism can lend themselves to a solution in the mind this way.
  • To be able to view the opportunities thus will raise their quality from the lowest to the highest.
  • Software for Indians is one such field.
  • In one's own life, such a view has several graded possibilities.

1. To solve all problems in an easy way.

2. To raise the opportunities sky high.

3. The Life Divine will reveal as Pure Light.

4. To apply it to other walks of life becomes possible.

5. Life Response will move from being a conception to one of perception of life movements.

6. The joy we now know as our best experience will be the minimum level we experience once our life crosses over to its highest possibilities.

story | by Dr. Radut