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Consummation of an Impulse


November 23, 2000

  • Mind best accomplishes when it is not incident [impacting or occupied] on an issue. [Expectation & occupation interfere]
  • Unawareness accomplishes. [When you have the inner capacity for an accomplishment but are not occupied with it, the inner capacity of mind-subtle capacity-attracts the accomplishment provided the mind does not understand the capacity or opportunity exists. This is what we call luck-subliminal mind getting you the dessert of your capacity when surface mind is not consciously dwelling on it and canceling it by preoccupation and expectation.]
  • Mother's Consciousness gives conscious awareness the capacity of unawareness to accomplish. [It gives our surface mind the capacity of our subliminal mind to accomplish.]
  • The march of civilization has this characteristic.
  • At a certain stage of human development, knowledge rises to become saturated with superstition. [Initially, knowledge comes only through superstition.]
  • Fear raised by such superstition attracts that which you fear.
  • Rising in knowledge further, man gets rid of that superstition and ceases to be a victim of such fear. Slowly he overcomes such fear. This is negative accomplishment.
  • In matters of disease, doctors who are in the know of its details develop such fear when the patient is a family member and exclaim, "Ignorance is bliss."
  • Further knowledge of the same disease in the context of whole health helps to identify superstitious fear and the real causes. In either case, what was a source of fear earlier, becomes helpful. Wider knowledge overcomes superstition and identifies real causes in time.
  • To overcome superstition thus is to make the unconscious conscious. What superstition alone helped escape earlier, now knowledge helps NOT to be frightened.
  • Mother's consciousness initiates this process in the mind [of making the unconscious conscious, making the partial knowledge complete, giving the surface the ability of the subliminal] and its earliest or distant symptoms are Himalayan possibilities appearing in the mind as a passing thought once.
  • Should this happen to one, it will become true in his life if he readily and fully consecrates his thought and he is alert enough to fully reject opposite thoughts.
  • It comes to devotees even more concretely as,

- A direct suggestion from outside.

- A compelling course to be taken in his profession.

- A thought that strays away from his usual planning.

- An idea that is widely discussed around him.

  • Man responds variously:

- That it would be greedy on his part to take it as real.

- That it is not for his nature to admit it.

- That it is after all a passing fancy.

- That such ideas are not for him.

  • These are the many ways man ‘consciously' renders himself unconscious in the name of commonsense, politeness, rationality, ethical goodness, etc.
  • Alert consecration achieves the best possible results.
  • Next best is to know the nature of the incoming thought, its role in the scheme of our personality, the positive response it deserves, the negative clearing of the atmosphere it requires and becoming equal all the time.
  • One can develop a full course of skills and capacities associated with such phenomena and fully equip himself to avail of them.
  • The truth is, nothing that is not possible comes our way in any form.
  • I have not considered the normal human propensities that go after every desire as if it is a reality and work furiously to destroy its very roots.

story | by Dr. Radut