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Conscious Life


July 16, 2002

  • People in prosperous nations are politically conscious, socially conscious, technologically conscious, health conscious, conscious of the latest information.

Conscious Life is Prosperous Life.

  • A conscious life of prosperity is made possible by work-ethic, self-respect, individuality, Truthfulness, honour, values and these in turn raises one's level of conscious awareness.
  • People who have lived for some time in both types of culture will know the contributing causes for longevity, affluence, freedom, happiness, efficiency, etc.
  • My purpose is to plead the cause of a life that is Spiritually conscious.
  • A spiritually conscious life will be automatically subtly conscious or conscious of subtle life around, which means one can know without the help of his senses or outward communication what happens in distant places or in other persons or in the past or future. Subtlety extends our faculties but it is not spiritual, while spirituality is automatically subtle.
  • In fact, my purpose lies beyond in discussing a life that is causally conscious, which is the plane of Supermind.
  • The spirit in one that awakes can return to the mental plane in a descent with a view to emerging in the mind. Then mind becomes subtle. For any plane to become subtle the rule is the awakening spirit should descend on it and emerge from inside as if it is a faculty of that plane.
  • Telepathy, astrology, clairvoyance, sortileges, etc. belong to this category. They wield enormous power but are NOT spiritual.
  • The causal plane is not within the human reach.
  • Each time the devotee calls Mother or is in contact with The Mother in any form, the causal plane comes within his reach. He does not understand it so or observe it, but relates to the result if any and just feels pleasant.
  • The difference it makes in one's life by being conscious of any higher aspect of life - democracy, health, money - is great. If this is appreciated, it is possible to see the value of being subtly conscious or conscious of the causal plane.
  • One who is subtly conscious will feel light inwardly.
  • Conscious of the causal plane not only lightens the inner regions but makes them bright and cheerful forever.
  • The sense of heaviness in the body is disease consciousness which makes one prone to illness.
  • Heaviness of inner sensation is an oppressiveness of which sadness is the symptom, depression is the malady.
  • Heaviness in the mind rewards us with a minimum of a fertile confusion and a maximum of a gloomy outlook of life.
  • Physical subtlety is sensitive to diseases and can reject it, if there is a will there.
  • One in the top echelons of life and another in the lowest stratum can be separated by that one great qualification of inherited sensitive social consciousness.
  • I do not think the case of spiritually conscious life or a life that is supramentally conscious needs to be argued. Whether it can be well described so that people may seek it, is a question.
  • One thing can be said -- the causal conscious life seeks a person of Truth-Consciousness.
  • Devotees of Mother may be able to observe that in the measure they value Truth for its own sake, their life becomes causally-conscious, i.e. Mother seeks their atmosphere.
  • Positive Life Responses are indications of that condition.
  • Truth consciousness can be inwardly dynamic though outwardly calm. There can be simultaneous dynamism in both the places - outer as well as inner.
  • The acme of causal consciousness is the life of the Divine Soul which is able to exchange its life with the life of all other souls, with that of God and which allows all the other souls to enter into it and live there forever in eternal joy that is supramental delight. There is only one more step in evolution where Matter reveals itself as Delight of existence.

story | by Dr. Radut