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                       July 10, 2000

  In a company that is fairly organised, there will be a great amount of chaos.  Even the organisation they have will be based on chaotic ideas, i.e. ideas  unrelated to other ideas of work. Computer straightaway tries to wipe them off. The management will toughly resist and will allow only surface changes. The role of computer in a company is:

1)     To put facts and work of every department in the light of every other department. This is a revelation in management and it will be a revolution if  acted upon. Computer can be so employed as to put each man's work in terms of every other man in the department. We must reach the ideal of seeing each man's work in terms of every other man's work in the company.  We can stop here.

2)     Computer eliminates ALL avoidable wastes in time by its very use. By greater application, computer can help a company accomplish a month's work in a day. Such a change we see over 100 years. Computer is here to accomplish it now.

3)     When SET to evaluate COSTS, computer computes the costs of one printed column of news, ad; of one cup of tea brought it; the word spoken by each member of the company.

4)     Sales can be coordinated with production, inventory, cash and ten other items of work. At once there will be 50% reduction  in inventory and costs. Buy in terms of sales. The gain will be greater and sales will double. That way, sales will be coordinated only with one item. For a coordination with each such head (there are at least five, but it can go to 25) sales and profit will double each time. By this employment of computer, sales can be raised 50 to 500 times. This is done by the ORGANISATION computer is and our availing of it as an indirect source.

story | by Dr. Radut