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Computer for Cultural Development


5 April 2001

   The cardinal services of education and technology in advancing man are universally acknowledged, though technology steals the show making education pale into insignificance.  One is organisation of knowledge for transmission and the other is knowledge of organisation expressed as power in matter for practical use.  Both are triumphs of organisation and open our eyes to other aspects in life. The greatest factor of social development is society advances by organisations. A society can be valued for its ability to generate organisations. Waxing in the philosophy of organisations, we can say,

  • Philosophy is organisation of thought.
  • Language is organisation of communication through words.
  • Computer is organisation of thinking ability of inanimate matter by dynamic forces like electricity.
  • Romance is the acme of organisation of love to preserve the species.
  • Family is the organisation of effective survival through everlasting values.
  • Similarly everything we know from law and rule to thought and emotions can be described as one version of organisation.
  • The Upanishadic vision of all is in each and each is in all can be seen in the possibility of every social aspect lending itself to description in the terms of every other aspect of society.
  • All social progress has moved from thought to act through life.
  • Education was the first major organisation that stole the crown of the society in this regard.
  • The theme here is, if the thinkers of the world realise the possibility of extending the example of education as an organisation to that of character, personality, social culture, personal values of culture, administration, production in factories, services in the market, generation of values in human relationship especially inside the family, what will be unconsciously realised after several centuries or a millennium can now be successfully planned for. The greatest engineer of those halcyon days will be the Engineer of Culture who can turn the myriad capacities of the computer to achieving this cultural goal.
  • An insightful peep into our social existence will reveal how society has already embarked on this course in the beginning of time.
  • All that we have to do is to know that process, as Prof. Higgins discovered 130 vowel sounds when other experts could discern with pride only 23 out of 5 vowels, or as the musician has seen the infinite notes and tunes in the clanky sounds, and ORGANISE into graded systems till it is within the reach of the lowliest
  • As long as the WHOLE of life remains the vision, and cheerfulness the abiding centre, one can have the everlasting joy of enduring success.

story | by Dr. Radut