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Clarity of Confusion


September  25, 2003

  • Clarity is for the few; confusion is for the many.
  • The many have the joy of clarity that they know what they are. It is the privilege of being confused and knowing it as their defined clarity.
  • This is a universal phenomenon found in all fields. It justifies the principle of reversal from one plane to another.
  • People living in unsanitary unhygienic conditions ready to be wiped out en masse by any epidemic boast of their health.
  • The superstitious person adores its wisdom and goes to the extreme of calling the wise stupid.
  • The weak person is conscious of his strength and sometimes provokes the strong.
  • The confused mind sees the organised confusion as its clarity.
  • Clarity of any description gives a mental security.
  • The scientist is no exception.
  • Over the centuries he has come to believe cause is the effect; technology is Science.
  • At the point of reversal, there will be a grotesque irrationality, a violent injustice or inconceivable stupidity.
  • Human nature permits a man to be happy in spite of this basic falsehood, as within its own plane life is functional, sometimes vastly successful.
  • Astrology that believes the sun goes around the earth is the most popular field in India today.
  • USSR that proclaimed the withering of the state created a police state.
  • The self-abnegation of the Britisher divided India.
  • The conqueror is thus conquered.
  • Britain that ruled the world became a second rate power at the beginning of the war and was relegated to the third position after the war.
  • Political leadership overtook military leadership because the strength of military was a weakness in the context of politics.
  • The priest thus loses to the truly awakened soul.
  • The growing money-power subordinates itself to the widening social power.
  • Man who dominates the woman has really been dominated by her throughout history.

story | by Dr. Radut