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"Churchill: A Life" – as Token Act

July 10, 2002

  • This biography is so written as if it was created as a record of a Token Act.
  • As Sri Aurobindo's Force was there behind Churchill, we see at every step Life taking initiative to support his initiatives.
  • How the public demand arose to bring him into the Cabinet is the first massive evidence of His Force and Life Response.
  • Churchill, the mortal enemy of Indian freedom was chosen to save the world for democracy by Sri Aurobindo and won the war.
  • Any act well completed with perfection will not end abruptly but will continue. This is seen in his second term as Prime Minister.
  • Sri Aurobindo had to remove him from office so that Indian Freedom could be granted.
  • The difference in Churchill working with this support and in the second term without that support is seen. In the second term he was hounded out.
  • As the biographer draws from the diaries of dozens of people, it is easy for us to see how when a Token Act is done 1. the society prepares itself to support it and, 2. how the established forces rise in revolt gradually preparing itself.
  • He loves danger, courts it, blossoms while in it and is left untouched on hundreds of occasions.
  • Victory is for the brave, not for the timid.
  • Starting in 1939 at a time when Britain was way behind Germany in arms production, how Churchill single handedly managed the situation while even France was capitulated in 27 days is not what an individual or a nation so poorly equipped could have hoped for.
  • The public was naughty or even nasty enough to frown on him even when one of the hundred strategies failed. He had to manage against his "failure" in the Dardanelles in 1918.

story | by Dr. Radut