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 July 8, 2002

  • Man will not give up the privileges that have come to him on his own when the time comes to give them up.
  • Neglect of the mother creates enormous energies in the child.
  • A great man can never find a satisfying wife.
  • Man is not merely blind when he chooses not to see, but is incapable of seeing the writing on the wall even after events have proved it.
  • Churchill was afloat on the crest of events when Sri Aurobindo's support was there, but saw double like Iacocca during his second term when that support was not there.
  • Sri Aurobindo's support to Churchill for the war spilled over and gave Churchill a second term.
  • Sri Aurobindo was able to put Churchill into power to win the war and remove him when India was to be given freedom.
  • The Allies who tried to crush the USSR in 1917 WORKED to make the USSR a superpower in 1942. When you work against the Force, the Force compels you to work for it later doubly.
  • The Empire that spread all over the world had to fight for and pay for the entire world and be impoverished in the process.
  • Not only did Churchill became world famous, but the reward for service also came as wealth in retirement.
  • Population can grow passionate over any programme if only it is successful.
  • Churchill had social conscience. He was not humanitarian nor had human, moral conscience.
  • He was unscrupulous outside the social culture of Britain.
  • By nature, he was pushy in the extreme.
  • Study of this book will serve as a record of Token work.

story | by Dr. Radut