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It is said that humour is the salt and savour of life. Even when people are miserable, they still prefer to go on living, because at the center of life there is joy. The philosophical basis of the creation is joy and bliss. Every form of creation in life is created through an expression of joy.  The opposite of joy is depression and we often come across people steeped in it. Many of them have what they believe to be a valid reason to be depressed. Many others acknowledge they have no known reason for depression.

   No sadness or depression will stay with a person unless he clings to it. Medical science has created some drugs which alleviate sadness or depression. But these drugs are temporary, and act mainly on the physical level.  There are people who are naturally cheerful and spread cheer all around, but there are also people who seem to have been born sad. Is there any hope for them? Sadness is not natural to man. It is really a perversion of the emotions. If a person does not encourage sadness, does not cling to it, does not indulge in it, sadness will leave him within days. The first thing a sad person must do is take the decision to get rid of sadness. That decision must be one of full energy and must be irrevocable. Once that decision is made, the hold of depression over the person will break. Then he must concentrate on joy, call joy, long for joy and eagerly welcome it to enter his mind, emotions and body.

story | by Dr. Radut