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Centre of Human Personality


March 26, 2002

  • Man exists at all levels, from Sat to Matter but he is developed enough to function ONLY from one centre.
  • Those centres are seen as a gradation from the Spiritual to the physical in the gross and subtle planes.
  • Depending upon the seriousness of the situation, a part, a deep-seated part rises to the surface to do duty.
  • In serious characters, those parts are on the surface more frequently in a vaster measure.
  • One's intensity for a work and seriousness bring those deep lying areas more often to the surface and more frequently.
  • A casual, indifferent person refuses to develop such an intensity for any work.
  • Consecration ORGANISED at those deep lying areas turns them into centres of living, thus upgrading one.
  • Even to shift our centre of personality from the shallow surface to the very depths of the subliminal, one can resort to consecration successfully.
  • Consecration becomes a consummate weapon not only to reach Mother, but to render everything Mother and every moment and movement Mother. At its peak, this idea converts consecration to Mother as well as the object and the subject.
  • The centre of human personality becomes the expanse of the divine personality, a centreless million centres.
  • In consecration, there is the result, the process and its essence.
  • Moving from the result to the process, consecration becomes a knowledge of power. Moving from the process to the essence, transformation becomes transmutation, consecration becomes surrender and finally becomes the ONE subject-object.
  • Mother is the Method; the Method is The Mother.

story | by Dr. Radut