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Basic Truths of Personality


                                                                                                December  30, 1991

1)    The convenient, the pleasant, the understandable is RIGHT, not the right itself.

2)    Any move in self-improvement can be considered only when it does not disturb my present conveniences, enjoyments and understandings.

3)    Anyone's personality has its strong pointers in all the planes. In the mind as preferences, in the vital as dissipations, in the physical as comforts. These will express as appropriate sensibilities. Only he who is willing to part with them in preference of higher sensitivities can ever make any progress.   

4)    Man is capable of finding a physical fact differently (e.g. hot water as cold water), vital attitude as its opposite (to understand the only help as the only hindrance) and the mind can exercise its faculty in the reverse (as finding inflation harmful).  Capacity to reverse them is a measure of willingness to progress.

5)   To find something objectionable in everyone except himself; To be totally unaware of at least one socially impermissible behaviour, psychologically inadmissible attitude, physically inept skill; To be capable of changing one's argument -- consciously or unconsciously -- in a trice when the situation changes;

            To repeat one's foolish position exactly as before after listening to a rational explanation;

            To make out a meaning a statement does not admit;

            To be unwilling to recognise other's endowments;

            To consider one's incapacities as extraordinary capacities;

            To expect  that NO ONE will know his own shortcomings;

            To want inwardly that others should subserve one's own ends;

            To expect to get ahead with the least capacities;


         This leads to a programme of self-improvement by trying to change everyone around or under him to practise the above for his own benefit. It is not self-improvement but an organisation for exploitation of the environment to the maximum.

story | by Dr. Radut