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Awareness of Organisational Powers


Feb 14, 2006

  • Consciousness raises life and organisation raises consciousness.
  • By consciousness, we mean

- Our potentials, physical, vital, mental, spiritual.

- Awareness of attitudes necessary to organise only.

- Such an awareness can be social or individual.

- In USA today, the great awareness which has made her great is the Individual awareness of social freedom and the opportunities it offers.His own awareness to be an individual.It is at the level of physical productivity using all the available technology and knowledge in the society.

  • In India, there is no social awareness of the value of achievement. There is greed for money acquired somehow. For many, even that is not there. Money unless earned by hard work cannot be protected by anyone from the brutes around. Money looted will soon be looted by colleagues. For your money NOT to be looted, there must be law and order. Only in places where money is earned by work, will there be law and order.

- Lack of awareness for need for honest work.

  • No one understands the value of independence and self-respect.

Independence earns in abundance. Self-respect is a money spinner.

  • A nation that is not aware of its problems cannot be aware of her opportunities.

- Physical people learn when compelled by circumstances.

- Vital people learn by example.

- Mental people learn by explanation.

- Spiritual people themselves create their opportunities.

- Exhaustion of energy makes men productive.

- Exhausting one's productivity makes him creative.

- Social productivity and creativity are technology and science. When the society becomes productive and exhausts it fully, new inventions, new technologies, new scientific principles will be discovered

- For instance, India can readily borrow ALL the technology to make her prosperous. She is unable to do so because there is no awareness of creating the right attitudes to work, especially organisation. This is India's unconsciousness. Once she is thus conscious, she can organise.

To organise means,

  • to arrange work in sequence.
  • to arrange work in cooperation with all others.
  • It saves Time and Space, particularly energy.
  • Discover how many times organisation improves work.
  • It is more than a thousand times. Unless a person arrives at it by his own thinking, it will be of no use.

Organisation creates a focus and that focus creates a new field for one to progress. E.g. a child outside school and inside. School is a social organisation. Only self-organised people can avail of social organisations. To be self-organised, he must discover his self. Emergence of school is the greatest landmark in social development. Emergence of the individual is equally a great landmark further on. It happened in the USA. Emergence of the individual who voluntarily drops out is the emergence of mental individuality. I speak of the spiritual individual. There is one further step.

  • The American has discovered his self at the level of productivity. The self can be seen at the level of vital human relationship and further at the level of ideas.
  • When work is organized, such organisation always creates a New infinite market.
  • Analysed properly, everyone like Sears in 1920, Bill Gates in 1970 will reveal this aspect.
  • Organisation at one level is creativity at the next higher level.
  • To avail of social organisation, one has to organise oneself.
  • Consciousness creates potential. Organisation creates results.
  • People are unaware of cultural conflicts.

The attempt to solve such problems is creating new opportunities.

Organisation is a creative opportunity.

Hence, truths about awareness, consciousness and organisation repeat as they are nebulous, subtle, secrets that are invisible.

  • He who sees organisation has a MIND that perceives.
  • As the unknowable formulates Itself to the human quest and disappears, organisation delivers its goods and submerges.
  • Organisation is preceded by consciousness which is in turn preceded by awareness. Prior to that is the mental urge to conceive whose inputs are observed as positive facts of opportunities and negative ones of problems. Capacity to theorise is a mental capacity that is well formulated. Formulation of a law from one of the aspects to that of the whole is the distance between the hunter-gatherer to urbanisation or from the birth of science to the birth of global life. Observation - problems - opportunities - urge to conceive - awareness - consciousness - organisation.
  • Such an organisation was born in agriculture and developed to trade - commence, money, culture, urbanisation, language, banking, communication, transport, military, government, organised planning, modern life.
  • It is not easy to give a call to move from the part to the whole. Usually they move from part to a higher part.
  • Let us seriously practise silent will, blank Mind, self-giving, growing by giving, moving from the outer to the inner, evolving from knowledge to greater knowledge, etc.

story | by Dr. Radut