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Founding The Consciousness Of The New City – Auroville


Report No.: Y12

December 1977 (1972)

December 16, 1972

  1. The center of functioning is to be shifted from mind to the higher consciousness, i.e. relations are to be from consciousness to consciousness.
  2. It must, in truth, be done in a single person to start with.
  3. The man dissatisfied with the material prosperity may well serve as a point of beginning, but he proves nothing for the purpose.
  4. Perhaps the person who has created empires of wealth or power may serve as a point of beginning. What matters is the awakening.
  5. In one sense there must be a gradual stepping up to the new society. At the same time there must be sharp break with the old society in another vital sense.
  6. Relationship with the environment, viz. soil, water, vegetation, population, material things must be available, but by themselves they lead us nowhere.
  7. We must run after everybody and run after nobody.
  8. Every aspect of life now lived has its counterpart in the new town. Outwardly it may remain so, but it will differ in essence basically.
  9. The man who now lives exactly the old life but is aware of the need for the new one, is a point of fresh light. But the one who needs starts the new one and knows nothing and gropes about is valuable for the departure he has made. The mental commitment matters.
  10. 10. Life at any given moment has a million live points of growth and at these points it meets man. It is here one has to attempt the recasting of it into the fresh mould. The new world will still be a life mould but will serve a higher ideal, issuing out of a different center.
  11. What matters is one should be making progress whoever feeble. One can be deadwood but must be deadwood of the new pattern.
  12. The externals matter but to rely on the externals alone is a danger.
  13. The rearing of the young ones by the adults is an area of acid test. The adults are to bring up the kids in a life they have not lived. The balance will struck by allowing the kids to take their own thread wherever they show up capacities of the new order and shaping them in the rest of the area, ultimately the child blossoming into the fresh man without the aid of the school.
  14. There must be perceptible unrolling of the old ways of life. Life must admit no scope for the old ways. As there is no institution of private property so there is no sustaining social institution for the ego.
  15. Each social and personal behaviour now must be lifted into its new status. As each of them have nourishing social roots in the present, so there must be feeding consciousness set ups in the future for their counterparts. For instance, a new pattern of response must be considered as a fresh contribution to the society and its original contributor forgotten. List of donors discouraged.
  16. From one point of view all that could be generated such as wealth, etc. must be generated inside. From another sense all that the old society should contribute must be brought from there.
  17. Social graces must ripen into consciousness poised.
  18. Diseases must be combated by removing the disorder in the physical, psychological environment.
  19. To know where one is and honour the ROUGH DATA and unyielding nature is a measure of adaptation to the new.
  20. False ways of life should be arranged to reflect more on the individual than on the society.
  21. At the points of growth norms like ethics, rationality, chivalry, must decidedly give place to consciousness - response.
  22. The train of active growth in consciousness will have a real, a rear of disengaging from past mental responses.
  23. When the time is ripe for the new movement sometimes the turning the corner is marked by abrupt upheavals, looking like parting kicks of the old.
  24. He who seeks for approval of the society in the essentials of his consciousness really belongs to that society, not to the higher life. This is different from trying to reach the society in its own idiom and understanding so as to bring it to the higher light. (The question is how to make it understandable to them, not how to satisfy them).
  25. There is a smooth solution for every problem issuing out of misunderstanding, lack of understanding, incapacity, etc. and a ‘Solution' for every problem arising out of hostility. (As we live in Consciousness, problems that are of mental consciousness are no match to us).
  26. Animals, tools, soil, plant, water respond with greater consciousness to which we must return suitably.
  27. Evolved settlers seek further progress from their point of evolution.
  28. Motherville: One goes down to the lowest depth of sub-human consciousness by intensifying with the natives, and retraces the step, either with him or without him, of one's evolution from the depths where he is so that the BASE of the pyramid will be solid and intact.
  29. Life in the township must make possible conscious sacrifice. Each man can and must know the ideal and where he is and the different steps he has to traverse.

story | by Dr. Radut