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Prayer For Those Who Wish To Serve The Divine

October 23, 1937

The Mother means by serving the Divine solely to serve the Divine Purpose on earth and in evolution. She might even exclude the purpose of personal spiritual progress as an aim. The urge only to be identified with the Divine with the identification itself as the aim, purpose, goal, reward is HER way. Looked at from such an understanding the different lines of the prayer reveal a certain totality and the formidable nature of human surrender to the Divine and the difficult task the Divine accomplishment on earth is.

"Glory to Thee, O Lord, who triumphest over every obstacle".

  1. By singing the Glory of the Lord alone the human evokes more of the Divine in the consciousness. The first line sings the Glory of the Lord and his nature of triumphing over all obstacles. He alone can triumph and in that the human is excluded. All that the human can do is to lose himself in the Divine and pray for the total losing of oneself into the Divine.

"Grant that nothing us shall be an obstacle in Thy work".

  1. The immediate next possibility in the manifestation of the Lord on earth is the facing of obstacles in the instrument MAN is who so ardently evokes the Divine. The principle that the best and the worst co-exist is best exemplified by MAN the highest evolved instrument who aspires for Divine transformation being also the greatest possible obstacle to that transformation.

"Grant that nothing may retard Thy manifestation".

  1. Only next comes the forces that may retard the manifestation, forces in the earth consciousness. Man harbours obstacles whereas the outer field has forces that may retard.

"Grant that Thy will may be done in all things and at every moment".

  1. After the removal of obstacles from man and neutralizing the retarding forces outside, still the accomplishment needs a constant invocation by Man for Thy will to be fulfilled. It is this constant invocation that effectively holds back his own obstacles. The nature of accomplishment being one of awaking inertia to conscious fulfillment, it requires the constant, conscious invocation by the leader of evolution. This invocation is addressed here as a prayer. And ‘in all things and at every moment' shows that inertia is so pervasive and so decisive that the will may descend but will not be comprehensive in action and that is why ‘in all things' is mentioned. This mentioning by Man is an effective bringing of the Divine to manifestation. Still all that may happen and stop after a while. Hence ‘at every moment'. The inertia is so powerful that it will either cancel the manifestation after a time or let it prevail by fits and starts. The prayer for every moment is found necessary.

"We stand here before Thee that Thy will may be fulfilled in us, in every element, in every activity of our being, from our supreme heights to the smallest cells of the body".

  1. Again the prayer comes back to Man. What is achieved in him is achieved in all, in essence. The throwing open of his total being is called for. Many elements can escape the influence, hence ‘in every element'. Many activities may still escape, hence ‘in every activity'. The results may be localized or partial or on the surface. Man compresses in himself the entire evolution starting from the beginning and leading to the most distant future. This manifestation is to transform that entire range. Hence, ‘from our supreme heights to the smallest cells of the body'.

"Grant that we may be faithful to Thee utterly and forever".

  1. Having done this much, the intensity of the effort by man is so great that at any time he may give it up. His sticking to it depends upon the GRACE sanctioning it. Hence the prayer to be faithful utterly and forever.

"We would be completely under Thy influence to the exclusion of every other".

  1. So much for the positive effort. Negatively there are other pulls, forces, interests that can divert, disengage him. Even this diversion cannot be stood by the totality called for by the effort.

"Grant that we may never forget to own towards Thee a deep, an intense gratitude".

  1. All this can only be achieved by the soul welling up to meet the Divine and it is known as gratitude. Unless it is deep and intense it becomes transitory; whatever is achieved is achieved only by the soul and the only emotion or movement of the soul felt by man is GRATITUDE.

"Grant that we may never squander any of the marvelous things that are Thy gifts to us at every instant".

  1. The recipient receptacle being so limited, it is not possible to assimilate all that comes down. All human traits are there in full measure along with the tiny aspiration. Hence the possibility of squandering is there all the time. Not one drop of what comes down can ever be spilled. Not for one instant one can afford to relax or neglect the rule.

"Grant that everything in us may collaborate in Thy work and all be ready for Thy realization".

  1. In spite of all the foregoing prayers the capacity of human parts to collaborate is at best by inertia or by reaction. Even for that a special prayer is needed.

"Glory to Thee, O Lord, Supreme Master of all realization".

  1. Again the singing of His Glory is called for because it is the only way to bring his force down.

"Give us a faith active and ardent, absolute and unshakable in Thy Victory".

  1. This whole edifice of prayer is erected on FAITH and it works in the measure that FAITH is effective. She asks for ardent faith, thereby keeping it active and dynamic; ‘absolute' so that it is unmixed with other elements like understanding, belief, conviction, reason, etc. It is effective only in the measure of its being absolute. It has to be active as it is functioning in an atmosphere of inertia which can immobilize it any time. The faith has to be strong so as to be unshakable as the descent is powerful. Unless the faith is equally strong it begins to be shaky and lose the descent.

Our daily consecration, prayer, reading, remembrance of Mother must have in the background the perception of the nature of the Divine work that is to be accomplished. All the foregoing aspects are to inform our day to day consciousness.

story | by Dr. Radut