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Application of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga


From its inception, The Mother's Service Society has conceived of Yoga as a continuum or a spectrum or a pillar whose two ends are yoga and life. Life, though at a lower end, is the life in the full spirit of yoga, not the human social life of today. In a democratic country or a religious society, there is the hierarchy, but the lowest member fully owes his allegiance to democracy or that religion.

The dictum,  All Life is Yoga is what guides us and we take yoga in its best sense possible at the psychological level we are. We accept all disciplines of yoga, not as a realised yogi but a practicing householder. Our spirit in life is Yoga.

For the last three decades, the work of MSS has been one of a token nature, from rural development to international public life. Our belief is, Mother begins where we end. Where man honestly exhausts his human capacities, Mother's Force will begin to work, giving a glimpse of the finite changing to the infinite. In our own conditions, we have seen the results aimed at multiplying two-fold, touch ten times, twenty-four times, or even fifteen hundred times which, is understood as a practical expression of infinity. 

Personally, I believe that the Force has been making itself more and more felt since Feb.29, 1956 and all my experiences are growing confirmations of that belief. In my view,

  • The force is pressing down on humanity. Any individual, family or organisation that responds will burst forth into an infinity of abundance in their field.
  • International issues like disarmament on which The Master and the Mother worked will yield final results, if the token effort vitally connects the Force and human affairs.The world no longer is under the stress of food scarcity and is no longer threatened by the fear.
  • The community of scientists lives by a strong sentiment of social superstition but their minds are not closed. Sri Aurobindo's views of Science, when presented to them in a very diluted form to meet their mental curiosity, I believe, will evoke a ready response.
  • The world will not respond to the theory of management based on Sri Aurobindo, but will readily recognise it if these results are produced in a highly placed company.
  • The medical profession will welcome his ideas with open arms when His ideas and their practice are brought down to abolish the gap between them.
  • The general population will welcome Sri Aurobindo not as a philosophy, but as,

- an answer to their spiritual quest;

- an operational device in their daily lives;

- a hope to reconcile philosophy and religion;

- a model organisation or an individual who, in practice, embodies the successful results  of such a practice.


You write that 'The community

You write that 'The community of scientists lives by a strong sentiment of social superstition'. Could you elaborate on what you mean by that? Could you also tell us more about Sri Aurobindo's Science and how that could affect the scientific community, how they work, their views or otherwise?

Reply from KarmayogiKnowledge

Reply from Karmayogi

Knowledge means power. The knowledge that is not converted into power is partial. Scientific knowledge makes us understand the world of nature better, it increases conveniences and comforts of life enormously, but it is not capable of solving the problems it raises nor is capable of solving the problems of life or abolishing pain, suffering and death. To refuse to inquire into a phenomenon we do not understand is superstition. In that sense, scientific thinking dismisses any number of valid phenomenon -- supraphysical, spiritual, even life phenomenon such as clairvoyance, telepathy, life in plants and metal. I do not think science has attempted a definition of Life, Mind and Spirit. Even the definition of Matter is incomplete.

Sri Aurobindo's knowledge of science is a knowledge that is converted into power in life. The inquiries of science are from the periphery, not from the center, so by definition they will not be able to arrive at the solution. The major problems of the world -- terrorism, pollution, financial crisis -- are approached from their appearances not from their root causes. The Society studied employment and has come to the conclusion that unemployment of men is the result of unemployed resources. Instead of studying employment as a human problem, it is presently studied as an economic problem, which is a partial approach which can never arrive at the solution. The financial crisis is the result of understanding money as an abstraction, ignoring the fact that money is part of the economy, economy is part of the society, society is created by Man. This is a superstitious approach. Approached from the human center, we will discover that there is enough money to abolish all poverty and money cannot cause a problem unless man becomes a slave of money.  

story | by Dr. Radut