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459. The Age Old Wisdom of Man

‘United we stand, divided we fall', ‘Truth alone is important',  ‘Without values the world cannot sustain itself for a moment', ‘Honesty is the best policy' and innumerable other such truths are obvious to all of us.  We also know that it is an inescapable fact.  But the world needs a Buddha or a Jesus to show the way of Love, a Harichandra to demonstrate the significance of Truth before the entire population could accept it as a way of life.  Historians, British judges, educationists, travellers had testified to the utter truthfulness of the Indians a couple of hundred years ago.  The process by which the leader arrives at such a simple thing as Truth as the all - important value of life is called Conceptualisation.

We know when the customer is pleased one's business grows.  But only in the last 50 years, the west has discovered its value.  In India, still, it is not yet a dominant value.  An intellectual analyses the obvious facts how the pleased customer buys more and returns more often to the same shop.  He discovers 10 or 20 parts of the fact and proves to himself that it is necessary to please the customer.  Such an analysis will be valuable only for him.  He further extracts the essence of all those facts to arrive at the idea behind.  All those ideas together become a CONCEPT.  The world is able to appreciate such a concept, but not willing to follow one man's experience.  The market accepts the idea of customer satisfaction and begins to grow.

The Force I speak of can change the finite life of Man into one of infinite higher consciousness.  It is the experience of many who have come into contact with that Force.  The question is whether it can be formulated into a concept and presented to the wide world so that humanity can be ushered into not only material abundance but also inner spiritual well-being thus solving the problems of both the East and the West.  Before such a conceptualisation is presented to the world - a simple formula of eternal well-being - its numberless components are to be individually explained.  When it is thus arrived at it will be an obvious Truth, an inescapable fact i.e Utter Truthfulness is the basis of material as well as Spiritual Prosperity.


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Para No.3, Line No.6, wellbeing - well-being

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Para No.3, Line No.5, wellbeing - well-being

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