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403. Advanced Stage of Cancer

Modern medicines cure almost all diseases that were not amenable to treatment in 1900. That is the result of study, research, classification, systematisation, observation, observation of relationships, creation of scales and appropriate new instruments. Still there are several diseases that defy treatment. One of them is cancer. There were two girls, one employed in a college and the other in a hospital. As soon as the father was diagnosed as suffering from cancer, he was admitted in the hospital and was operated upon. The doctors found it was at an advanced stage. They called it secondary growth. As the daughter was a hospital employee, the doctors called her and explained how the disease had reached a stage beyond redemption. Except the patient who was unaware of the real situation, the whole family was in a gloom.

The elder daughter was teaching physics in the local college. She had heard of The Mother. She never lost hope. In spite of her higher education, she could not bring herself to believe the doctor's understanding was final. She shifted to prayer. There was an unexpected turn of improvement in the patient's condition. There followed gradual improvement. Over time, he was fully cured and returned to normal life. Neither the family, not the doctors could comprehend what had happened. No longer was he a patient. He was a normal healthy person. Man does not merely exist. He lives. His life involves hundreds of activities. He acts. Many of his actions proceed smoothly. Sometimes all. Occasionally, some items fail. Man is not deterred from it. He continues to act. There are two great wonders in human life. One is if man is endowed with great good fortune, after a while he forgets it or takes it for granted. When he meets with a misfortune, he is depressed for some time and takes it for granted as part of life. This family was no exception.

When a good thing happens, unless we continue to grow, life has a way of drawing upon the energy from another area and supporting this good thing. Man is indifferent, clever, selfish, and stingy. I once spoke of a man to whom we showed the possibility of 12 crores of profit in a company that was making two crores of profits. He was wise enough to see our insight, refused to employ us and discovered in ten years double the 12 crores of profit. He thought he was very clever. I would call him short-sighted. He achieved this phenomenal growth at the expense of his other eight establishments. When this one unit rose phenomenally, all the other units began to fail a little. Had he engaged us, he would have raised all the nine establishments.


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K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut