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Working Faith

   June 18, 1978

We all know Mother is Divine and has all Divine Powers. The faith of the devotees to the Mother as the Divine is immeasurable and unquestionable. But Faith is in different planes too. When we do a thing in which we know we are proficient, our faith is in our skill. Not that the devotee has no faith in The Mother, but here his training leads him to have faith in his skill. When a watch stops and the devotee is skilled in the repair of watches, his first impulse is to open the watch and look for the defect. He doesn't pause for a minute and offer his skill, the situation to Mother and work from Faith in Her, using his skill as the instrument. Often we say these are small things and let us not make much religious fuss about it. It won't work this way for a devotee. The watch will never be repaired properly until he shifts his faith to HER.

When health problems arise we rely on the doctor and call Mother too. Our reliance is on the medicine and out of habit Mother is also called. In law, we rely on legal points, lawyer's capacity, evidence, documents and pray to Mother also. The primary faith must be in Her and all these must be channels for HER to work through. We don't appreciate the argument that Mother is more capable than a lawyer or a doctor; or better still a law point or a particular medicine. It has been the experience of many that in medical treatment the best doctors, potent medicines miserably fail. When man loses hope and turns to Mother he is cured with or without medicine, occasionally by the same medicine. In very clear law cases, things change from one difficulty to another to the utter surprise of everyone, but when the devotee finally shifts his faith to Mother, the events take another turn and things resolve readily. To have Faith in Mother in doing ordinary works too in preference to one's skill is to have a working Faith in HER.

Whenever a work is to be done such as posting a letter or a problem is to be faced like securing an admission we must be able to call Mother, feel HER in the heart and give the work into HER hands. Once we are able to do this there must be full relief, confidence that the very best is done. That is faith in HER in the work.


story | by Dr. Radut