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Family Affection And Loyality



March 10, 1976

Affection is an emotion flowing from the higher, diviner part of the heart. There are different levels of emotion in human relationship. The most elementary emotion is based on need. For example, one needs food and he has an emotion towards the person who gives food. The emotion disappears when the food stops. Next comes the emotion that is circumstantial. We live together and come to like each other and there is real emotion between us. But as soon as we part, the emotion dies. This is what people describe as "Out of sight, out of mind". Then there is goodwill and good emotion that is temporary. When two good people meet they give their emotion to each other but when they part or circumstances change, suddenly the emotion disappears. This is because, though it is a real true emotion, it does not have the support of a mental idea. When the mind supports the right feelings of the heart, the emotion does not quickly die. The mental support makes the emotion into a sentiment and gives it a longer life and greater intensity. Such emotion lives longer but when the persons separate it grows weaker and weaker day by day. There is another type of higher emotion. It is the real affection. It comes from those whose soul is open. If two such people meet and walk together seven steps they become friends for life and can never be parted. The affection given by one to another is final and it is based on loyalty of one soul to another soul. The tie is made and is made for life, never to be broken or forgotten. This is the highest type of affection known to the ancient Hindu families. The Hindu family is founded on such an affection and every true Indian man and woman can feel such affection to all the other members of the family if they look into their depths. Mother's yoga wants all such affection to be given to all living creatures.

story | by Dr. Radut