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Decisions In Life


June 18, 1981

Life is organised for one on the basis of certain fundamental decisions he has made regarding his future, society, family, job, etc. These are based on the values he has inherited or acquired. If such values are sound and right and of substance in the light of the person he is (i.e. taking into account his personality, its composition, aspiration and strength), the man always has a steady future within the family, with respect to the society and his work. Even if the external values of the society change, such a man will be able to successfully readjust to the new values without seriously disturbing the basis of his established life. If one has organised his own personal life more in the context of existing social environment than on the bedrock of his own personality, changing social values are likely to shake the foundations of his personal life. In such cases the best course will be to stick to the earlier attitude of basing oneself on social stability and now to happily accept the new values of the society.

Daily life is mostly routine and occasions that call for making valid decisions in work, life or family arise rarely. When they do arise, men act thoughtfully on the basis of their experience to make the best out of the given situation. For one who has sought the help of a higher force, always new possibilities arise. Those who face a problem in life if they choose to invoke Mother's help, it DOES come down in copious measure. How best to receive this descending Grace in terms of human support is the question now. Mother's help is always there and no one who has sought it can return empty-handed. But its expression varies. However the theme of this help varies, its basic nature is to fulfill the highest aspiration of the individual whether fully known to him or not. Mother's Grace (a) acts in such a fashion that the most conscious demand of the individual is fulfilled in the exact fashion of his wish [e.g. a lost child is found before the devotee returns home after praying to Mother or a lost fortune returns taking some time]; (b) creates an alternate situation where the previous problem disappears but new hopes are born [e.g. a man who loses his job and prays to Mother instantaneously is given another better job or field for better life]; (c) raises the man to a new height where he finds himself more resourceful and he takes time to settle down there in a far superior station in life. Generally this takes time [e.g. a man who loses a salaried job is drawn to a business where after some time he finds himself uncomparably better off]; (d) draws the man to HERSELF where he finds himself buried in spiritual quest and lost to the world. The ways of the Mother are infinite and examples can be multiplied, but one thing is certain that he who came to HER for whatever reason will be better off in life or spirit from that moment. Any decision he has to arrive at in a moment of crisis is best taken with these things in mind. As the amplitude has two ends of (1) giving oneself entirely to Mother and be lost to the world and (2) having one's most material wishes richly fulfilled, it is best to take the situation again for examination to see whether new possibilities are now created. From then onwards, if only he follows that clue, not in the earlier life fashion but in the fashion of this new creation, life would blossom for him at the level he accepts Mother's Grace. [If one has a mind that plans in detail and he finds a new joy not planned for by him, he should come forward to take to the rest of the opportunities without exercising his mind. If a lazy man brought to a crisis point finds a great opportunity from another corner of his life where he had to put in hard work, he must come forward to receive the rest of the Grace with great labour]. Usually people accept Mother's Grace with joy but strain the opportunities to fit their earlier pattern of life that generated the crisis and spoil the major part of the incoming Grace. Some even work towards another similar crisis at the higher level to which Mother has raised them.

Mother pours HER GRACE. It is easy to receive its outward expressions of immediate benefit. It is not equally easy not to evaluate Mother's life - or life in Mother - in one's own terms and strangle it till it loses its charms and graces. Those who have come to Mother for one reason or another really belong to HER fully. How much of it turns to reality depends upon such person's sincere response to HER. May be it is his good luck.

story | by Dr. Radut